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I should have known better.

Posted by Lissa on September 24, 2010

*sigh* Lissa, WHEN will you learn not to try on boots “just to see how they look”?

Rajah, being a cat, decided to help Mommy take pictures of her new boots:

Um, thanks kitty.

The color didn’t get captured that well, but the boots are a deep, rich burgandy:

Happy Friday Footware!

P.S. I updated the “Question on Rape Post” again

8 Responses to “I should have known better.”

  1. Brad K. said

    It is interesting that the hue of the boots nearly matches the fur under Rajah’s tail, just a few shades darker.

    Could it have been the color that was embedded in your thinking, that attracted your attention and influenced your decision not to abandon the boots to someone that might not give them a good home?

    Happy day!

  2. Me being the dumb Male, but weren’t you wearing a VERY similar pair of boots (but black) when you bought the sig family?

    Of course those boots looked fantastic on you, so why not have a pair in every shade….except White…that would be icky!

  3. Lissa said

    Brad, abandoned boots are super-sad! They need good homes, just like kittehs!

    Weer’d . . . um, maybe? I like heeled black boots and I go through one pair about every winter — eventually the heels snap off or the sole wears through. (I bounce a lot, y’know?) If I feel like embarrassing myself I’ll do a shoe post with every pair of boots I own . . . I believe the tally is:

    5 Black
    1 Brown
    1 Burgandy
    1 Purple

  4. Jay G. said

    Look at it this way: at least now you have *another* MA-compliant pair of boots in case you ever want to return to the state… 😉

  5. Jennifer said


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