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For Alan

Posted by Lissa on September 20, 2010

It’s official — the iPhone is the preferred tool for gunbloggers:


JAY G: “You better hope I don’t tell about your reading selection in the bathroom!  Bodice-ripper, Lissa? Really?”

LISSA: “You’re kidding!  You’re making fun of me for THAT? I was sure you were gonna make fun of me for having the Little House books in there!”


BETH (rolling eyes): “There’s a Simpsons quote for EVERYTHING when those two get together.”

SCI-FI (indignantly): “That wasn’t Simpsons! That was Ren and Stimpy!!”


LISSA:  “So, guys, we call our current apartment the Kitty Den.  What should we call our new Florida house?  Castle Sunshine, maybe?  Kitty Den South?”

BOREPATCH: “Nope.  Gotta be the Raj Mahal.”

LISSA:  ” . . . . . OMG. Yeah.  Done and done.”


Thanks so much, y’all — I had a wonderful time!  I’m gonna miss you guys so much!!!!


13 Responses to “For Alan”

  1. alan said

    I want to know who carries the corkscrew.

  2. breda said

    What is that cool little bitty knife?

  3. Lissa said

    Alan, one of my guests – I won’t say who – didn’t have a knife on him. *GASP!* So instead we used the corkscrew that was on the table.

    Breda, it’s a Hideaway Knife!

  4. Sean said

    Breda – it’s a “Hide Away Knife” – I love mine – curious as to who the other person is carrying one…

    They have a website – can be slow ordering, but a very nice back-up pointy to carry…

  5. ZerCool said

    Alright, who’s the joker that gave their knife Viagra before the picture? This was supposed to be a “folded” shot, folks.

    And if this was truly junk-on-the-bunk, where’s the rest of the hardware???

    I do hope we’re going to see you next August…

  6. dagamroe said

    lets see, 6 iphone, 4 knives and a waiters-best-friend corkscrew, some one is still short a knifiey thing, what no spoons to put out?

  7. wolfwalker said

    one of my guests – I won’t say who – didn’t have a knife on him.

    @@! Someone forgot Rule Nine?!

  8. Lissa said

    Zercool, it was originally just an iPhone shot; we added the knives just for fun. If I’d emptied the contents of my purse onto the table the legs might have collapsed.

    Dagamroe, it’s just possible that one person at the dinner party doesn’t usually carry a knife. I will continue to not name names!

    Wolfwalker – Gibbs FTW!!!

  9. SCI-FI said

    re: knives:
    SCI-FI packs enough hardware for two. Be prepared and all that.

    Thank you again for the gift (box). They will be used with a vengeance.

  10. SCI-FI said

    re: Quotes:

    B: We have a mystery guest on the phone for you.
    LISSA: Who?
    B: Christina LMT.

  11. Jay G. said

    That would be my knife that was open, Z.

    I wouldn’t have put my carry gun up empty, as an unloaded gun is a poor cudgel.

    Besides, I didn’t want Lissa’s hideaway knife to feel self-conscious being the only one with an exposed blade.

    Lissa, thanks again for hosting us – that was fun. And congrats on escaping.

  12. […] and I had a great time. We didn’t get home until late. I’m kinda bummed I missed another gathering Fair Winds Lissa and […]

  13. Lissa said

    SCI-FI, what a good husband you are to be double-prepared. You are so, SO very welcome for the gift box . . .

    Jay, I think you deserve the thanks for organizing. I always fail that part. 😉

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