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Preparing to move. A.K.A. THROW AWAY ALL YOUR &@#%

Posted by Lissa on September 14, 2010

I’m HUGELY grateful that Mike’s company will do our packing for us.  It’s the only reason I’m not a gibbering hysterical wreck right now.  That being said, there’s still a bunch of work to be done on our part.  The movers can’t pack up that random stuff under the spare room bed, which includes cat toys, hair ties, a pair of shoes, random batteries and a pair of flip flops, y’know?

So this past weekend I tackled the big cupboard underneath my bathroom sink.

I was ruthless. I was merciless.  I pictured myself as the Genghis Khan of bathroom paraphernalia.  I dispatched toiletries like Michael Moore dispatches doughnuts.

Half-full bottle of hairspray last used one year ago? Toss!

Bright cranberry lipstick received as a gift and never worn in public? Toss!

New bottle of Clinique black mascara . . . hmmm . . . Oh, received as a Christmas gift two or three years ago? Toss!

Sunblock left over from 2008? Toss!

Sample bottles of Renu that I no longer need?  (Hooray!!!!)  Toss!

The hairdryer I bought back in college and last used a year ago? Toss!

Any bottle of nail polish older than twelve months? Toss!

I threw away TWO GARBAGE BAGS FULL of junk.  I don’t know how it was physically possible for that much crap to live under my sink.

Next up: The Closet!

P.S. Mike has kindly agreed to do a guest post for me in the next few days; keep an eye out!


11 Responses to “Preparing to move. A.K.A. THROW AWAY ALL YOUR &@#%”

  1. Good for you!
    After moving three times in just under a year, I’m an expert in getting rid of crap. All I own now fits in a 9×11 bedroom and attached minuscule bathroom. w00t! And I still wish I could get rid of some more, but I think I’ve pretty much pared it down to the minimum.

    Good luck on a hassle-free move!

    • Lissa said

      Wow, that’s impressive! Both for the fact that you pared down your belongings so admirably, and that three moves in one year didn’t make you batsh*t crazy. I’d have checked myself into a round rubber room after the second move, no question. 🙂

  2. Heh, when I was in the Marines, anytime we got orders to a new base the Marines would send over movers to pack everything up, haul it to the new place and unpack it. The only real trouble was that they would even pack up your trash cans (along with anything that happened to be inside them). A friend of mine didn’t get his kitchen garbage taken out before the movers arrived to move him from one coast to the other. Needless to say, pretty much everything he owned smelled like rotten kitchen garbage by the time it was unpacked nearly a week later. His wife was SO pissed.


  3. totwtytr said

    Every year or so, much to the dismay of Mrs. TOTWTYTR, I’ll venture into the bathroom vanity with a couple of large trash bags. It’s amazing what collects under there, but it’s pretty much as you describe. Toiletries, cleaners, medications, and other stuff that have been long neglected get the old heave ho. I generally go by how much dust has collected on the tops.

    It’s very therapeutic too.

  4. Lissa said

    Stuart, I’m kind of worried about that myself. E.g., if The Rajah chewed up a mouse and hid it under the bookshelf, are the movers going to pack it? Are they going to pack my almost-empty bottle of shampoo from my shower?

    TOTWTYTR, some of the gels had SOLIDIFIED. I need to make this a yearly thing instead of a moving-down-the-coast thing.

  5. About two weeks after I moved in to my current place, we had a plumbing problem – a blocked clean-out that required snaking – which caused gray water to back up (via the downstairs toilet – eww) and cover the kitchen and dining room floors with about 1/2 inch of water. I’d still had several unpacked boxes in the kitchen which became soaked with gray water.

    This helped me take on a new method for deciding what to keep and what to throw away:

    If (object) became soaked in gray water, would it be worth salvaging? If no, toss!

  6. Gotta say that’s the one thing I like about moving, I toss out a TON of shit I should have tossed ages ago. We still do “Spring Cleaning” but nothing works as well as “Do I really want to pack and move and unpack THIS??”

    Also the flood did a little of that, some items were worth cleaning and drying…others I bid Adeiu!

  7. Lissa said

    Shoothouse Barbie and Weer’d, what a good idea! “If it got soaked in floodwater, would I care enough to save it?”

    Of course, that applies more to items that have *potential* sentimental value; if our dry pantry got flooded I’d certainly toss all the pasta, yet I certainly intend the movers to pack it 🙂

  8. DirtCrashr said

    We are preparing to move but we’re not going anywhere. We have to move the kitchen out for the new kitchen to come-in. We’re going to be living like a wreck, in a wreck for three weeks. Counters, cabinets, floor, electrical, plumbing… *sigh* But we can toss-out a bunch of stuff that we don’t use and hasn’t seen daylight for years.

  9. breda said

    Oh no! You threw out nailpolish!?

  10. Lissa said

    DirtCrashr, that sounds like a SERIOUS bummer. Hope it goes smoothly!!

    Breda, it was OLD nail polish! It was all separated and chunky and not pretty anymore!!

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