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Happy Caturday: Harness Edition

Posted by Lissa on September 7, 2010

But Lissa, say you, it’s no longer Caturday! You have to work today!

Well sure, say I, but the whole point of a Caturday long weekend was that I didn’t do any work!

But Lissa, say you, do you really consider posting kitty stuff to be WORK?

Oh shut up, say I, and just watch the bloody video.

Good morning y’all! It’s less than a month until Rajah’s big flight to Orlando, so we practiced with the harness this weekend:

And no, I don’t feel the LEAST little bit bad about torturing him that way.  You wanna know why?

Yeah.  That’s why.

Have a good day, everyone!


4 Responses to “Happy Caturday: Harness Edition”

  1. Sarah said

    There’s a cat I wouldn’t be turning my back on for a while. 🙂

  2. wolfwalker said

    um… flying? and not in a cat carrier?

    May I ask why you’re not taking him in the car? Are you not planning to bring your car(s) with you when you move?

    • Lissa said

      Oh, he’ll be in a carrier. But I believe it’s standard practice for the TSA goons to make you walk the cat through x-ray while they scan the carrier. I don’t *think* Rajah will bolt, but frightened animals are unpredictable. So I want to make sure i keep hold of him.

      As for driving, Rajah is terrified of cars. If it’s a question of flying him, which would terrify him for six hours, or driving, which would terrify him for two days while presenting a dangerous distraction to the driver — we’ll go with flying 🙂

      • wolfwalker said

        If the TSA website can be trusted, you can request a visual inspection, rather than having to take the pet through the scanner.

        If that doesn’t work, how does Rajah react to sedatives? A vet can give you a mild sedative or tranquilizer that will sort of zonk out the average cat without completely putting him to sleep.

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