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Thoughts, prayers and good wishes, please!

Posted by Lissa on August 31, 2010

Please take a moment out of your day and pray (or meditate, or send karmic marshmallows, or whatever) for Mrs. Weer’d, who goes under the knife today.  (Weer’d asks that you leave any comments here, so that the other post can be reserved for his updates.)

While we’re sending good vibes, could you also please spare a few for Julie’s husband? He can walk a little now, which is great! More, better, faster healing please!!

While we’re thinking happy fuzzies, maybe you could beam a few to Bob S? He hasn’t mentioned it in a while (unless I missed it, which is always possible) but his wife could use ’em. (Also Bob is near and dear to my heart right now because he 1) got a SIG and 2) is considering naming it. SQUEE!)

Many thanks!!

One Response to “Thoughts, prayers and good wishes, please!”

  1. Thanks for the Love. She’s resting comfortably, and hopefully will be looking a LOT better come morning!

    So happy this hurdle is over

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