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I get to play with the big kids tonight!

Posted by Lissa on August 12, 2010

Breda has very, very graciously invited me onto her and Bonnie’s kickass radio show tonight.  SQUEE!!  And she invited Jay G to come play too!  SQUEE!!!

Notes to self:

  • Slow down. Take a deep breath.  Not everyone talks like a female Elmo doll that just shotgunned (heh – see what I did there?) three pots of coffee and inhaled a brick of Twinkies.
  • Do not — do NOT — blurt out your real name or where you live.
  • Or what you ate for dinner, or what shoes you’re wearing, or any other inane factoid that leaps into your mouth.
  • Don’t interrupt Jay G.  He’s bigger than you.  Also, he’s a gentleman and would totally let you, and interrupting is rude.
  • Don’t bust out with “Praise the lord and pass the ammunition.”  Everyone already knows that one, either from being that old or by seeing it in American History class.
  • Be yourself, and just answer whatever questions the nice hostesses and her guests throw out.
  • I’ll have eaten lasagna for dinner, BTW.  And I’m wearing black stilettos.

See you then!  If you don’t tune in, The Rajah will bite you!

3 Responses to “I get to play with the big kids tonight!”

  1. Jay G. said


    I’m just tickled pink by the fact that I’ll be surrounded by gunchicks.

    Why, it’s like I’m Charlie or something…


    And I may be bigger than you, but you can *totally* outshoot me…


  3. Lol!

    I managed to catch some of the show, and was the best B+B yet. Well done!

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