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Final Bloggershoot post: Full Circle*

Posted by Lissa on August 5, 2010

Remember this post?  And this one?

What a shocker it was the first year.  I’d shot guns three times in my whole life . . . before driving myself to a private location in New Hampshire to meet a bunch of relative-strangers who were all going to be armed . . . It does sound kind of crazy when you put it that way.  On the other hand, I’d been reading/corresponding with Jay G for months, drove myself, left a Google map of the coordinates for Mike, and had a cell phone; it wasn’t THAT bad.

No, the scary part wasn’t going to the meeting alone.  It was that people freely offered to loan me their guns and I was terrified I would break something. (This year, that was Weer’d‘s job.  *snerk*)  I confirmed this year that the loaners — TOTWTYTR, for example — didn’t know just how GREEN I was, or they would have offered more of a tutorial with each gun.  It didn’t really matter though; I only borrowed guns that came from people willing to walk me through it the first time.  I think supervision is always wise when you’re dealing with unfamiliar and dangerous tools.  (Speaking of which — thank you Mopar and Mrs. Mopar, who helped me shoot Weer’d’s shotgun this year and other stuff last year.  Y’all are so nice!)

And this year?  I drove up with my husband to meet a bunch of friends, all of whom were armed.  And we brought a crap-ton of ammo and a bunch of targets and — oh yeah — GUNS.  ACTUAL GUNS THAT BELONG TO US.  MORE THAN ONE.  WE EVEN HAD A GUN THAT WE’D MODIFIED.  OURSELVES.

I had a retention holster that I used and carried openly as I did at the Sig Academy.

I demonstrated a draw for someone who has been playing with holster ideas.

I loaned Siguette to other folks who wanted to shoot her.

Holy crap, what a difference two years make.

Thank you to my encouraging readers.  Thank you to my old friends, who haven’t written me off as COMPLETELY batsh*t insane.

Thank you Jay, who organized these fabulous shoots and relentlessly encouraged me to learn more about firearms. Thank you Doubletrouble, for hosting them and for your gentlemanly comraderie, and your lovely wife for taking me under her wing. Thank you TOTWTYTR, who breezily offered to let me carry his revolver for the entirety of the first Bloggershoot.  Thank you Borepatch, for your kind and helpful supervision whenever I needed it, and for serving as a reference for my license application. Thank you Bruce, for displaying your zany sense of humor (and vocal talents) and making me realize that I was at home among gunnies. Thank you Weer’d, for your clown-car .22 and for babysitting me while I bought my first gun.  Thank you to Breda and Tam, whose encouraging words and shining example showed me what gunchicks could and should be.  Thank you Shoothouse Barbie, who made the same transition and understands it.

And finally, thank you to my husband Mike.  Without you, sweetie, I’d still be mulling over my calendar and eyeing a mountain of license paperwork.  You’re the best 🙂

Exit quote from the bloggershoot:

ME: “Sweetie, they liked you and said I could keep you.  Which you can tell because no one tried to shoot you.”

MIKE: “Well, I would have shot back!”

*Unless I remember something else really funny, decide to post another video, or wake up seriously late and scramble to post something, anything.

6 Responses to “Final Bloggershoot post: Full Circle*”

  1. Awww Great post!

    Oh and sorry I didn’t show you the Mossberg better, You’re becoming such a veteran gunnie, I assumed because you can shoot a machine gun as easily as ringing a bell you’d have fiddled with a Mossy Pump before. Hehehhe What a silly lot we are!

    Has been a fun journey hasn’t it?

  2. Borepatch said

    Lissa, thank you.

    And Mrs. Borepatch firmly approves of Mike.

  3. Patrick said

    Awesome to hear of another gunnie entering the fold…. and now I have yet another blog to read .

  4. totwtytr said

    Had I realized how inexperienced you were the first year, I would have spent much more time running you through the controls of the firearms. Not because I would have thought you couldn’t be trusted, but because I realize that it is terribly intimidating to handle a firearm the first time.

    The transformation in your comfort and ability with firearms is amazing and a joy to watch.

    I expect that Mike will become more comfortable with this group of gun nuts as he gets to know us. He did have some degree of “deer in the headlights” look, but considering who was there, that’s not even a little bit of a surprise.

    Thank you for letting me help you learn how to safely and effectively handle firearms.

  5. Tam said


    Remember now: Each one, teach one. 8)

  6. dr mac said

    I didn’t get to see the transformation, just the results. From bloggershoot #1 to bloggershoot #3 a difference to a lady who can take care of herself and her loved ones. Hah ! A hat tip to you.

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