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Bloggershoot recap: Lambchop, nooooooo!

Posted by Lissa on August 4, 2010

. . . .says Zombie Target!

Look . . . I don’t eat lamb very much (too gamey) and I’m generally in favor of fuzzy creatures, but that song (see last post) was the single most irritating ditty to come out of my childhood.  The little chit was ASKING for it, okay?

And so we chopped its bloody head off!!!

Ahhhhhh . . . I’m savoring the silence . . .

Of course, as much flack as I caught for stringing up a beloved puppet icon, I swear I got *more* for these:

JAY G: “Ooo, don’t tell Breda that you’re shooting up BOOKS!”
LISSA:  *pause* “Well, that book sucked anyway!!”
SON #2:  “Wish we had one of those Twilight books to string up.”
LISSA: “I originally looked for something Noam Chomsky, but I couldn’t find any at Goodwill.”

In case you were wondering – a .45 will go through roughly 496 pages of a hardcover book . .

. . . and through a cheap-o frying pan with no trouble at all:

(That book – Sum of All Fears – didn’t suck. But it was big and it was thick and it was $1.99 and we’ve got more copies at the Kitty Den!)

Witness, all ye people, the slowest bayonet charge in history! (Hey, you want to go slow and careful when there’s four of you racing over uneven ground (which included a bees’ ground nest) to spear stuffed animals!)  Please ignore the hysterical laughter overshadowing the bladework, and listen for the manly grunts 😉

And speaking of laughter, I do believe this is my favorite video from the shoot.  Big, tough men firing a shotgun — they’re probably cursing and grunting in the background, right?


What are they laughing about? I have no clue! But it makes me giggle!

And finally . . . we destroyed Hello Kitty so badly that she piddled herself in fear:

Of course, this might have had something to do with it:

I firmly deny reports that, coming back uprange after the melon-tucking, I had the world’s biggest sh*t-eating grin.  😉

A wonderful, wonderful time was had by all!  I think I’ll have one more post about my own full-circle from two years ago, but in the meantime – It was so nice to see everyone, and I had a fantastical time, and thank you so much to Doubletrouble and his lovely Missus for hosting, and to our community organizer Jay G!!!

6 Responses to “Bloggershoot recap: Lambchop, nooooooo!”

  1. Great vids, I may have to borrow them, as I was too lazy to take my own pix and movies with all that shootin’ and talkin’ to do!

  2. Wally said

    Yeah that shotgun video would have been better shot from the right side… That angle didn’t show it was a pistol gripped 14″ 12 gauge shooting buckshot.

    And now I know where that other melon went!

  3. Tennessee Budd said

    Lissa, to get ride of the “gamey” taste, try what I do with deer: soak the meat for 12-24 hours in either milk, or a half-&-half milk-&-water mixture (saves milk, which gets expensive). Before cooking, drain; rinse meat if desired. Not only removes the gamey taste, but tenderizes the meat as well!

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