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Bloggershoot Part II

Posted by Lissa on August 3, 2010

And on to the video/pix!

Because Mike and I showed up late, I was afraid that we’d miss the happy-happy full auto fire that has been kindly provided by Paul the last two years.  Luckily for us, a certain Matt Pallett was there to play Gunny Claus!!

Having stopped at Goodwill the day before, we lined up Peter Cottontail by the log backstop:

And then proceeded to drill it full of holes:

(I *think* I’m shooting the HK verson of an M16 there — a 416.  I really have no idea.  Corrections are welcomed in the comments!)

Gunny Claus ALSO had a suppressed single-shot .45 that was so quiet we had to remove ear protection to properly appreciate it:

That’s for . . . um . . . silently killing stuffed animals.  Or something.  🙂

We did have one weird gun mishap that resulted in Jay’s 1911 spontaneously disgorging its spring plug:

Luckily, Borepatch‘s Son #2 located the mischievous missing piece, and all was well.

As Jay has pointed out — I am several inches shorter than a Mosin Nagant with a bayonet attached.  I, however, like this picture because it shows off my T-shirt (hooray for Zazzle, and click to embiggen!):

(Mrs. Borepatch originally thought it read “lovely and legal” . . . which, combined with the “tactical pigtails”, has a whole different meaning than the one I intended!!!

More to come tomorrow . . . I’ll leave you with this little teaser:


12 Responses to “Bloggershoot Part II”

  1. I have the “same” picture, where I’m standing next to Alex’s Mosin Nagant and the bayonet is above my height! Yay for shooting guns that are taller than us.

    (did you shoot the Mosin? I have only done so once. Tis a nasty bugger.)

    • Lissa said

      No, I don’t think so. I concentrated on fully automatic suppressed weapons and had a shotgun race with Mike 🙂

  2. Jay G. said

    That one in particular she can shoot any time she likes… Well, until she moves away… 😦

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  6. Ross said

    “Lovely and legal” with tactical pigtails… *gigglesnort*

  7. mike w. said

    love the Sig hat Lissa!

    I really wish there was video of you shooting the Mosin, just so you could say “Look, I’m shooting a gun that’s taller than I am!”

  8. totwtytr said

    I think the slow motion charge was because I said something about people not running with scissors. Or something like that. I just didn’t want to have to treat someone for a self inflicted bayonet wound. Not that anyone would believe the story.

    Gunny Claus! I love it!

  9. Cheryl said

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