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Range report: Bloggershoot 2010!!!

Posted by Lissa on August 2, 2010

Good morning everyone! Yesterday was an absolute blast, of many different varieties and many different calibers 😀

We started off the day somewhat late — the shelter kitties still needed to be fun/watered/littered, you know — and (in my case) seriously self-irked.  You see, Jay had the lovely idea of bringing .380 for our hosts, as a thank-you present (apparently it’s a bit scarce lately, at least in that area).  Unlike the last two bloggershoots, Mike and I can actually buy and bring AMMO and GUNS, so we happily picked up two boxes.

And then neglected to pack them.

GRRRRRRRR!!!  Nothing to be done about it, the Sooper Seekrit Range is about 1.5 hours from us.  Instead I divided the cookies I’d brought and gave two plates to the Doubletroubles, leaving two plates for general consumption.  If anyone at the Bloggershoot was wondering about the amount of sugary goodness — well, that’s why 🙂

I wandered around with my notebook as usual, but I didn’t use it as much as I usually do . . .

LISSA: “The bad part is that I didn’t get nearly as many quotes this year as I did last year.  The good part is . . . it’s because I was busy SHOOTING GUNS! And some of them BELONGED TO ME!!”
JAY: “That’s a quote right there!”

I have many pictures and some videos and a few quotes, but I just spent most of my morning free time compiling an Excel list of attendees/non de blogs /email addresses, so that’ll have to wait until tomorrow.  Until then, here’s some of the reviews that are up:

Jay G
Weer’d Beard

Have a great day, everyone!!


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