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Range report: Bushmaster edition

Posted by Lissa on July 26, 2010

Good morning all!  *slurp* C’mon coffee, do your miracle work and let me stop yawning already . . .

We had a lovely afternoon with Jay G yesterday.  Duh.  Prepare ye for the picture dump!

Jay G starts off our day with the .22 bolt-action; Mike spots for him using the VEPR scope

Mine is upper left, Mike's is upper right, Jay G's is center -- check out those fab-o holes through the red!

Bushmasterrrrrrr! Beware the flying brass!*

For the resulting Bushmaster’d target, I’d like to provide the close up, Mr. DeMille:

That’s my AR-15 grouping.  Pretty sweet, huh?! . . . except . . .

Mike's is top, mine is center, Jay G's is bottom

Riiiiiiight.  My wonderful tight grouping is quite obviously off target.  Boo!  (In my defense, the scope was off; we were having to compensate by using one of the top hatchmarks instead of the crosshairs.  Still, though.)

Jay cut quite a figure playing with Kahr-oline:

And I shot holy hell out of my target with Jay’s Gold Cup .45 and our M&P .45:

(We didn’t let our .45 see Jay’s Gold Cup.  The poor thing would’ve gotten a complex, and she’s a perfectly serviceable well-behaving gun.  No point in waving a beauty queen’s pinup in the wife’s face, y’know?)

A lovely time was had by all  🙂  Thanks so much for hosting us, Jay!

And Happy Monday, all!

*Well, it was either flying brass or this moronic groundhog that showed up a few times.  Darwin was WRONG, dude.  Any wildlife stupid enough to hang out at a gun range should’ve gone extinct several years ago.

2 Responses to “Range report: Bushmaster edition”

  1. Jay G. said

    Entirely my pleasure! I had a blast (HA! Gun pun!) at both ranges, and I look forward to seeing you both on Sunday!

  2. […] not to laugh, nor to look snobbish or haughty) “Oh yes! My friend up in Massachusetts has a Gold Cup ACP, match-quality, that he let me […]

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