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Workout Wednesday: Turning point?

Posted by Lissa on July 21, 2010

On Monday I jogged for 31 minutes and made 5K on the treadmill.  Hooray!!! Seriously, I think that’s the farthest I’ve jogged without a break since I was 18 and doing varsity track.  But that’s only half of it.

On Saturday I jogged for 31:11 minutes and made 3 miles.  And I was in the potential Lissaville South.

Last week I made my three days of exercise easily.  That included workouts in Canada and in Lissaville South.

I’m actually dedicated enough — or optimistic enough! — that I’m working out in foreign countries and trips to the South.

Does that mean exercise is the new normal?  Yes.

Does it mean it’s a no-brainer, a habit now?  No!  There is ALWAYS the chance that I’ll miss a few days.  And then a few more.  And that will turn into a week, two weeks, a month, and more. The Charity Challenge still provides necessary incentive.

But . . . I’m proud of myself for the 5K.  And I hope to keep going.  🙂

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