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I spent the July 4th weekend barefoot and in the kitchen.

Posted by Lissa on July 8, 2010

But not pregnant! In case y’all were wondering. 🙂

My lovely in-laws asked Mike what my greedy little heart desired for my birthday and then graced me with a gift certificate to Yuppie Kitchen Nirvana.  Because it was a birthday present, I was morally compelled to spend it on things that were impractical, kitschy, gadget-y, or just plain fun.

Like a brownie pan that turns out chocolate-bar-looking brownies!  (We ate two to make sure they tasted okay, but sent the rest home with my mom for her picnic.  Apparently they were a hit!)

Like an ebelsk . . . elbow . . . eblow . . . a filled-pancake pan!  (This was a little tough to master, but eventually I got the hang of it.  Did it taste better than regular pancakes?  Not particularly.  Did I have an absolute blast filling them with diced strawberries, diced pineapples, chocolate chips, or jam?  You betcha!  BTW, everything was great except the pineapples.  They didn’t do much for either of us.)

Sizzle, little pancake balls! SIZZLE!


Mmmm, melty chocolate chips inside a crispy pancake ball

Like a pan for pizza sticks!  Yes, we already have pizza stones.  Yes, I consider them messy and thought this would be more fun.  Yes, I was seduced by the idea of each person decorating their own sticks.

The Rajah keeps my rising dough company in the sunshine. I halved the recipe, deciding that 3 sticks for Mike and 2 for me was plenty. I was right.

Decorated! The top 3 are Mikes - pesto and fresh mozzarella, pepperoni and mushrooms. The bottom two are mine; the pesto-one uses feta instead of fresh mozz and has no meat.

I *told* Mike he went a little overboard with the cheese. Luckily I parked a cookie sheet underneath the pan as it baked, so the cheese didn't drop everywhere. If I hadn't put the cookie sheet there though -- do I even need to say it?


MIKE: “Asparagus?  That seems a little random, like it doesn’t quite go.”

LISSA:  “Of COURSE it goes!  It’s all long pointy shapes!  DUH.”

I also found out while the dough was rising that I was having a dinner guest Tuesday night.  I used the hour-and-a-half to frantically prep chicken adobo and whip up a batch of PB-tartlets.  The fact that, with no prior planning, I could provide dinner AND a home-baked dessert for a guest made me feel like a totally capable adult for all of ten minutes.

Then I went back to playing Cooking Dash.

I hope your weekend was as fun as mine!


3 Responses to “I spent the July 4th weekend barefoot and in the kitchen.”

  1. pizza stones are supposed to be messy, the oils and what-not help keep the dough from sticking. Just wipe it down hard with a paper towel and maybe a little water (NEVER SOAP!) and just ignore how it looks, your pizzas will thank me.

    Interesting on the pizza sticks. Still will you incur the wrath of Alton Brown by having a uni-tasker?

    • Lissa said

      Uni-tasker? You mean cooking equipment that can only do one thing? Meh. Specialization, and the crust was perfect. 🙂

  2. Minnie said

    Please let me know when would be a good night to invite myself over for dinner? (No pressure)

    I’ll bring the wine.

    Lots of it.

    Even a treat for Rajah.

    But no pressure.

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