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Workout Wednesday: Slug edition

Posted by Lissa on July 7, 2010

Y’all, I’ve been so bad. I haven’t been to the gym ONCE this week. (hangs head in shame) I relaxed over the holiday weekend, and then we had a dinner guest and I needed to drive her home afterward, and … and … Slug! I’ve been a slug!

I now have to go to the gym for three days straight. Never mind that I’ll be in Canada for two of them. I can’t donate to Obama for America, I just can’t. Mike would never let me live it down. He still teases me about voting for John Kerry in ’04.

Wish me luck please, and send me endorphin vibes!!


2 Responses to “Workout Wednesday: Slug edition”

  1. Been a slug m’self. Too hot to work out!

  2. It won’t kill you, it will make you stronger! Promise! I think you’ll be surprised at how good you feel. Before my body decided it hated me last month, I had started adding additional 1-1.5 mile runs onto my normal workout or weights and spin/ weights and running class, which I would do in a second trip to the gym that same day, rather than all in one workout spell, to give my muscles a little recovery, and I actually really enjoyed it. It wasn’t painful or uncomfortable, I didn’t feel fatigued from the earlier workout, and it made my muscles ache just a little bit, not like track and field first week calisthenics achy, but athletic-achy.

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