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Once seen, cannot be unseen

Posted by Lissa on July 6, 2010

Good morning, everyone!  I hope that you had a long weekend, and I hope that it was as lovely, relaxed and enjoyable as mine was!

Thank you all so much for your comments on the last post.  It’s nice to know that my readers have tastes every bit as random and eclectic as my brain droppings.

And in true LookingForLissa form, I’m going to show my gratitude by posting . . . THIS.

Mike called my attention to this a few days ago.  I literally shrieked as I watched, alternating between genuine hysteria, hilarity and horror.  I hereby dedicate this video to TOTWTYTR, who posted the original (for women) version. (TOTWTYTR, I couldn’t find the post.  If you drop it in the comments I’ll update the link.)

Because I love you all, I’ll also provide this:

Have a great day, y’all!

3 Responses to “Once seen, cannot be unseen”

  1. Brad K. said


    I Googled “shake weight women” – and got the Huffington Post article.

    They include *both* the original ad/video *and* the SNL parody version.


    Brad Kruse

  2. Carteach0 said

    I saw that ad this weekend while relaxing in a bar on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.
    Darn near choked on my lager! You are right… no way I can ‘un-see’ the other version.

  3. totwtytr said

    Sometims The Jokes Write Themselves

    I don’t know how SNL could parody this, it parodies itself.

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