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10 reasons life is good

Posted by Lissa on June 29, 2010

Got tagged by The Gregarious Loner a few days back! Since I often marinate in The Snark here, it’s a good assignment for me.  In alphabetical order:

  1. BOOKS/LITERACY.  I’ve been in love with books since I was five.  A good book imparts some life lessons, makes you laugh, makes you think, makes you cry, and grants you a respite from your own day-to-day toils.  Bonus points if it involves magic, monsters or mystics!
  2. EMPLOYMENT.  I don’t love my job.  So what?  I don’t hate it and I’m grateful I have it.  I’m grateful Mike has a job.  I’m grateful that we’re able to afford our lovely appointment, take play-breaks every once in a while, and feed The Rajah.  (And buy him costumes.)
  3. FAMILY. Between my two families and the new in-laws, I’ve got a bountiful plenty!  I’m not gonna lie — sometimes they stress me out, and I’m damn-sure I stress them out.  But they love me and I love them and I’m so lucky to have such good people in my life.
  4. FOOD AND DRINK.  It nourishes you and helps you grow, but also provides sensual pleasure.  A gorgeously marinated filet, perfectly seasoned and perfectly grilled, with a luscious malbec on the side, makes my eyes roll back in my head.  I’m so grateful that nowadays I can put food on the table seven days a week and not worry about my bank balance going negative.
  5. FRIENDS. I’m blessed with friends from college and friends from my first days at Ye Olde Financial Company.  All of them have seen me at my worst, know my darkest secrets, and danced happily at my wedding. They’re the bestest.
  6. HEALTH.  I’ve always been lucky in this regard — I don’t have any weird exotic diseases, nor even kidney stones.  Mike is pretty healthy also.  I’m very grateful that the folks who are important to me have all their facilities — mental and physical.  It’s a wonderful thing.
  7. HUGS.  I’m a hugger!  (But you knew that.)  I’m glad there is a physical way to express happiness, friendliness, gladness, and joy that doesn’t cross any boundaries.  If no one had invented hugs, I’d be a sad panda.
  8. THE RAJAH.  Our sweetie is just over five years old now, and still dumb as a sack of bricks.  But I wouldn’t trade him!  His docility when being shoved into a chicken costume (or when having his claws clipped) is worth a hundred kitty IQ points, any day.  And his penchant for sleeping on our legs has gotta be worth another hundred.  He’s a good boy.
  9. SELF-DEFENSE.  I’m glad and proud to live in a country that thinks I have the right to defend my life.  I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.  (And oh yeah — EIEIO!!!)
  10. SUNSHINE.  I don’t think I could exist in a place like Seattle (even if it doesn’t rain as often as I think it does).  I’d rather have thirty-degree sunny weather than sixty-degree cloudy weather.  My soul grows with sunshine.

What are you grateful for?


2 Responses to “10 reasons life is good”

  1. I did something similar last week when I realized I had been wallowing for a little too long. It started out with the thought, “the only thing that could make things worse right now would be if I were to get run over by a car,” and then I realized that’s not true:

    Things would be worse if I had cancer. At least I don’t have cancer.
    I’m not being audited by the IRS.
    I’m poor but I don’t starve.
    I have a nice place to live.
    I have a job, and I like my job *most* of the time.
    I’m not exactly healthy, what with the strained traps and fractured/sprained foot, but I’ve actually felt worse.
    I have amazing friends.

    It’s easy to start feeling better. I’m lucky that I can do that – feel better – by making a list.

  2. Carteach0 said

    Nice list! It’s good to dwell on the positive occasionally.

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