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More MA stupidity

Posted by Lissa on June 25, 2010

Most people who read here are familiar with the draconian and ridiculous MA gun laws.  But that’s not the ONLY way the Bay State protects us from ourselves!

Bob S described a recent situation of tactical awareness and how he responded.  He realized that it was a good idea to pull up such that he could stand at the back of the vehicle while he pumped and not get trapped between car and pump; it gave him more escape options.

Now, I assumed that this was possible because Bob could set the gas flowing and take a step back.  As it turns out, he’s just a large man driving a Blazer (which has a relatively short length between gas cap and back).  And I realized another MA idiocy with which y’all may not be familiar.

Did you know that none of our self-service stations have hold-open latches?

That’s right!  Apparently it makes us set ourselves on fire or something.  You can find the law right here:

(k) Hold open clips shall not be allowed on self-service dispensing nozzles.

I have never set myself on fire.

I have never gotten back in the car while gas was pumping.

I have DEFINITELY grumbled about how I can’t wash my car windshields while the gas pumps.  Or clean trash out of the backseat.

Or move to a point of greater visibility to keep an eye on the shady car across the aisle.


Happy Friday!!!

4 Responses to “More MA stupidity”

  1. Borepatch said

    It may be that this was a push to make people go to full service gas stations. Probably some campaign contributions were made somewhere.

  2. Joe Allen said

    At least they allow you to pump your own gas: cf. New Jersey.

    Now, an equally critical problem is the environmental impact of people losing their gas caps and allowing Gaea-destroying fumes to flood the atmosphere. To make sure you don’t lose your gas cap, simply place it in the convenient area of the pump nozzle between the actuating lever and frame.

  3. Wally said

    Since I no longer live in MA, I am tempted to start contributing to the Dem campaigns there. Oh sure it would be mean and nasty, but as an expatriate, I would REALLY enjoy the laughter!

    It is so very nice of the pols to protect you from gas, fruit, and high capacity magazines!

  4. Tennessee Budd said

    Joe got there first. Some places in TN don’t have locking levers, so I use the gas cap. I’ve been known to use my Buck.

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