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Bathroom meme!

Posted by Lissa on June 15, 2010

I was cleaning up the bathroom for guests this weekend, and I realized how very odd/eclectic my reading habits are.  Want to know what’s sitting next to the porcelain litter box in my bathroom?

1. A People magazine (Free with Delta points, yay!  Though I suppose I treat it like a Playboy: I’m not interested in the articles, I just like the pictures of pretty dresses and stylish shoes.)

2. Silent America by Bill Whittle

3. Give Me a Break : How I Exposed Hucksters, Cheats, and Scam Artists and Became the Scourge of the Liberal Media by John Stossel.

4. The entire Little House collection.

Yeah.  It’s THAT mixed-up and random.

So.  What reading material is lying around your bathroom?  I’m tagging Jay G, Borepatch, Calvin’s Mom, Mike W and Carteach.  (And Shoothouse Barbie, but only as an honorary mention ’cause I know she’s got a writing assignment.)

Pass it on!

12 Responses to “Bathroom meme!”

  1. Brad_in_MA said


    Oh you so hit the nail on the head with that list. I just *MUST* go get John Stossel’s book on being the scourge of liberal media. You should have seen the look on My Bride’s face when I brought home Liberal Facism by Jonah Goldberg.


  2. Jay G. said

    Heh. I posted about my throne room reading material a while back. Lots of sci-fi, a fair number of fantasy, some of my leftover favorites from high school English class, and other assorted books and graphic novels I’ve picked up over the years.

    And yes, I do have a bookshelf in my bathroom…

  3. Tam said

    I buy specific “bathroom books” for when I forget to take whatever I’m currently reading. Books like Brewer’s Cabinet of Curiosities and The Pedant’s Revolt.

  4. Carteach0 said

    Okay…. did my part. It was actually an easy meme, as most of my reading now is on a Nook.

  5. mike w. said


    I take my Eee to the bathroom and read your blog!

  6. Dr. Feelgood said

    I leave one book at a time on the bathroom shelf. Currently it’s The Pilgrim’s Progress. Last one was Moby Dick (again).

  7. secretlivesofscientists said

    The Ig Nobels
    Unpleasant Ways to Die (novelty cartoon book – it’s funny, and meant to be funny. I swear I’m not psycho!)
    an Ikea catalogue
    The Bullet’s Flight: from powder to target (I think that’s the title)
    Non-linear thinking

  8. Borepatch said

    I’m SO slow answering this, but post is going up tomorrow.

  9. […] by a blogger named Lissa. Now the theme of this post is not very EMS, but we’ll go with it. Lissa posted about finding odd reading material  in her bathroom while she was cleaning up for some weekend […]

  10. mike w. said

    little late, but I finally did it.

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