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Happy Birthday to meeeeee!

Posted by Lissa on June 12, 2010

Just turned the corner to the big 3-0 — yay!

And also, June 7 was my blog two-year anniversary.  What a good little blog!

How am I celebrating?

Well, I’m headed up to New Hampshire to take a class at the Sig Academy.  Naturally.  🙂

Y’all have a good day, and play nice!


13 Responses to “Happy Birthday to meeeeee!”

  1. Happy Birthday AND Blogiversary!!

  2. Borepatch said

    Many happy returns of the day(s)!

  3. Happy Birthday young lady!

  4. alan said

    Happy Birthday, Lissa!

  5. secretlivesofscientists said

    Happy Birthday, sweetie!

  6. Brad_in_MA said

    Knock, knock.
    Who’s there?
    Abby and Manny.
    Abby and Manny, who?
    Abby Birthday and Manny more !!!!

    – Brad

  7. Jay G. said

    Hippo Birdie two ewe!
    Hippo Birdie two ewe!
    Hippo Birdie dear Lissa!
    Hippo Birdie two ewe!

    You’re one day and 23 years older than BabyGirl G.!

  8. Mike W. said

    Happy Birthday Lissa! And heading to Sig!!….. I am so jealous.

  9. Dr Mac said

    ….and many more.

  10. Jennifer said

    Happy Birthday Lissa!!!!

  11. Tennessee Budd said

    Happy birthday! I’m 1.5 times that–it gets better & better.

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