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Sooper Seekrit Sewing Project: Thigh Band

Posted by Lissa on June 11, 2010


Good morning everyone!  I’m so glad it’s Friday, aren’t you?

Remember the picture of knives, here? You see my lil’ Paraframe.  I like to carry it at all times; you never know when you’re going to need a knife.  I’ve used it to cut loose threads off my skirt hems, slice plastic zip ties off new sunglasses, open clamshell packaging, rip open big bags of litter at the shelter, etc. etc.  But, being a girl, I sometimes — well, often — wear skirts that don’t have pockets for a knife.  Worse yet, I wear dresses, and then I don’t even have a waistband on which I could clip it.

I wanted a thin, snug band to wear around my thigh, something that would fit smoothly under my clothing and wear comfortably.  I looked and looked on the internet but couldn’t find what I had in mind.

Then I thought about it.

What’s thin, snug, and designed to fit seamlessly under clothing?


I cut the band off of the cups, like so:

Roughly and clumsily sewed the cut ends together:

And voile! A thigh band!

Perfect for wearing a small knife under a skirt or dress!  Yay!

Are you done laughing?  I *know* it’s silly, believe me.  But it works!

And I only pricked my fingers five or six times!  Yay hooray!

4 Responses to “Sooper Seekrit Sewing Project: Thigh Band”

  1. totwtytr said

    If it’s silly, but it works, it’s not silly at all.

  2. George said

    I have an ex-girlfriend who carries her tiny, aluminum alloy framed Kimber 1911 in a belly-band, positioned, uh, just below, the chest area.
    Draw is BETWEEN! She claims it works for blouses, skirts, dresses, all manner of clothes.
    She (and I) believe, whatever works!

  3. Carteach0 said

    Okay, this post moved your blog from the ‘reads sometimes’ bookmarks to my blog roll (g).

    Question: Does it stay put, or wander down your thigh as you walk? The only reason I can wear a bell band holster is it lands on the ‘ledge’ of my almost-50-year-old gut. Otherwise it would quickly be a REAL belly band, bouncing on my belted pants as I stumble through the day.

  4. Minnie said

    Seriously, how freaking creative.

    I’m so digging that idea. I would have been the idiot to go out and actually spend money on some type of thigh fastener… Oh, wait. I did.

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