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Workout Wednesday – er, Thursday

Posted by Lissa on June 3, 2010

Good morning all!  Well, despite my inability to drag my sleepy butt out of bed yesterday, I did in fact go to the gym; I’d prepped last night’s chicken adobo and left Mike to heat it up while I went running.  (You should totally try that recipe, BTW — it’s quick, simple, and seriously delicious.  Do marinate it the night before, though, or it can be too vinegar-y.)

Yesterday’s run was the third run of Week 4 in my c25k program and I don’t think I’m ready to progress.  The first 3 minute run is fine (though I still have to watch my breathing or I start gasping around the 2 minute mark); the first 5 minute run is hard but doable; the second 3 minute run is tiring but doable; and then the second 5 minute run is DEATH DEATH DEATH DYING OH MY GOD MY IPHONE PROGRAM IS TRYING TO KILL ME.  Day 2 I’d kept my usual constant speed of 7 mph and almost threw up as I finished the second 5-minute period; yesterday I did half the last period at 7 mph, dropped it to 6 mph for sixty seconds and then back to 7 mph for the last ninety seconds.  It was a good compromise that kept me moving and jogging without mentally reviewing my next of kin and burial wishes.

Oh, and the worst part of the workout?  I came back to the Kitty Den — sweaty, red-faced and seriously hot — and plunked myself down to stretch.  I spread my legs in a straddle, leaned over and grabbed the bottom of my left foot, and began to stretch my left hamstring . . . and Rajah ran over and rubbed his furry, shedding body and tail all over my sweaty face, covering it with fur.


(I thought there was no way I could feel any more disgusting — hot, perspiring, and covered with cat fur.  That was before I opened the dishwasher while it was still going and got blasted with soapy steam.  Fleh!!!)

No songs this week because I’m running late; must go lift.

Hope you’re keeping up with your exercise!


3 Responses to “Workout Wednesday – er, Thursday”

  1. secretlivesofscientists said

    Do you do a warm-up before you begin the program? I find that if I start out at a 7 mph pace, I cannot keep it for more than 4-5 minutes without feeling uncomfortable. I run for about 30 minutes straight, but I start at a really slow jog ( roughly 10 minute mile pace) until my legs start to feel warm and squooshy, then I pick up the pace to about an 8 minute mile and find that I can hold it for a long time.

    • Lissa said

      It starts with a five minute walk. Perhaps with longer running periods – mike’s now doing two 8-min jogs with a walking period in between – it’ll be a lot easier to start slow

  2. […] that I was having a dinner guest Tuesday night.  I used the hour-and-a-half to frantically prep chicken adobo and whip up a batch of PB-tartlets.  The fact that, with no prior planning, I could provide dinner […]

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