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Search engine comparison

Posted by Lissa on June 1, 2010

In alphabetical order:

As Mike pointed out, Google’s is an improvement over last year, where they had only the yellow ribbon below the doodle.

It just seems to me that if Google could come up with a respectful logo for ANZAC Day — which they’ve managed to do since 2003 for both Australia and New Zealand — that they could wrack their pretty little heads and do a doodle for Memorial Day.

(I noted the same thing last Sept 11)

UPDATE: Tam and Thor link — thanks!  Tamalanche’s make my humble sitemeter so dizzy — that thing isn’t used to heights!


5 Responses to “Search engine comparison”

  1. They’re trying REALLY hard to pretend to not be commie jerks.

    I’m Sure Sergey Brin could have done JUST as well for himself if he’d stayed in Russia….

  2. totwtytr said

    Weer’d, the pretend commie jerks, well they’re pretend commies, found out that the REAL commie jerks are well, jerks. This has caused them much angst and threats to pull of China. Still doesn’t make them non jerks, but perhaps it’s a start.

  3. […] Over at Looking For Lisa, she does a comparison of search engine graphics and how they celebrate the… […]

    • claudia said

      O.M.B.J. Someone decided not to honor AMERICA?!?! The terrorists have won.

      …commencing over-the-top eye-roll in: 3, 2,…..

  4. “Don’t be evil” indeed….

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