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Workout Wednesday

Posted by Lissa on May 26, 2010

Good morning everyone!  Well, I solved the chalky-chunky problem of the protein powder; you just have to add it gradually and use a mini-mixer.  I usually don’t bother on days that I run; on lifting days I make a smoothie with about six frozen strawberries, 1/3 cup of nonfat vanilla yogurt, and enough Soy Milk Light to make it blend.  Once it’s nicely pureed I keep the blender going and tap in the powder.  You get a thick, delicious, fruity-vanilla-y shake that’s really tasty!

I’m stalling, folks.  I’m due to run Week 3, Day 3, today, and I woke up with a killer headache from grinding my teeth last night.  And quite frankly I’m scared of Week 4.  It’s still a struggle for me to run for 3 minutes without stopping; I think 5 minutes is going to kick my ass.  *whimper*  Guess I’ll have to redo my music mix before I tackle that bad boy!

If you’re curious, I’m taking my lifting workouts from this book.  It’s hard for me to give up my Barbie weights (as they derisively term the 2 or 3 pounders), but Mike PROMISES me I’m not going to bulk up by lifting heavier weights.  I’ve decided I’m never going to have super-skinny arms — never have, never will — so instead I’m concentrating on getting strong(er)!  Wish our little gym had a chin-up bar, and wish they had a squat rack, but I haven’t had to do chin-ups yet and I’m making do with free-weights.

On to the songs!  Here’s what’s lighting up my iPod this week; do you have any new songs for me?

  1. Axel F by Crazy Frog.  I *LOVE* this song — it’s a ridiculous techno adaptation of the Beverly Hills Cop theme and it’s my absolute number one go-to when my ass is dragging.
  2. Going Under by Evanescence
  3. Down Rodeo by Rage Against the Machine
  4. Shut Up and Drive by Rihanna
  5. Pump It by Black Eyed Peas – it’s the Pulp Fiction theme!

Happy Exercising!

6 Responses to “Workout Wednesday”

  1. Mike said

    I’ll add that she found and decided to follow the regimen in that book without my assistance. I gave up years ago on trying to talk Lissa out of “Barbie” weights. One can get a workout using actual weights and resistance without turning into a huge powerlifting champion, but if a weight exercise doesn’t exhaust one’s muscles, there’s very little benefit to doing it at all.

    Oh, and a chin-up/pull-up bar would be nice, but the pull-down machine works the same muscles!

    • Jeff said

      IMO it works the same muscle groups, but it doesn’t work the small stabilizer muscles as well.

      The lack of a squat rack is a far larger problem though.

      • Lissa said

        Yeah, it’s kind of a bummer. I’m holding a dumbbell in each hand, down by my side, but I have to lift them slightly outwards so they don’t whack my legs.

  2. Minnie said

    I get that way, I’ll have a plane that I’m really happy with and then there is a change that makes me draw back.

    As for the powder, I’ve yet to find one that I like/doesn’t taste like chalk.

    Share the name…

    • Lissa said

      We’re using Whey Protein Gold Standard — Mike mixes the chocolate into milk and I blend the French Vanilla into shakes. It doesn’t taste chalky (to me) and it’s not too expensive if you get it here.

  3. mike w. said

    I like Optimum Nutrition’s Chocolate Whey. It’s cheap and far better tasting than many others I’ve tried.

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