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John Williams and the Pops!

Posted by Lissa on May 18, 2010

This is how I spent Friday night:

Oh, it was fabulous! For the Close Encounters and the Superman pieces, they lowered a movie screen and played a montage during the music.  It was like being in a movie studio; it was absolutely awesome.

Even if they DID include all the Batmans in the Superman mash-up.

All of them.  Including the one that never happened.

Oh well, we forgive you, John Williams.

P.S. It rained so hard on the way to the T station that we gave up on walking and swam home.

2 Responses to “John Williams and the Pops!”

  1. Mike said

    Since it was a glaring lack in the program, I’ll point out that they did Raiders of the Lost Ark as the encore. Awesome show and thanks to my sister (who probably won’t see this) for getting us tickets!

  2. smasher said

    Very cool. I’ve seen Williams conduct at Tanglewood (you should go if you haven’t – it’s amazing). Good stuff.


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