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Facebook Foibles

Posted by Lissa on May 14, 2010

This has been making the rounds on Facebook* —

While you SCREAM at your woman, there’s a man wishing he could talk softly in her ear. While you HUMILIATE, OFFEND and INSULT her, there’s a man flirting with her and reminding her how wonderful she is. While you HURT your woman, there’s a man wishing he could make love to her. While you make your woman CRY, there’s a man stealing smiles from her. Post this on your wall if you’re against Domestic Violence

Um.  Okay.  I’m against Domestic Violence, but

1) Despite what this message seems to think, I don’t have a woman.

2) Don’t hit your girl because someone else wants to screw her?  Huh?

3) What if there isn’t another man who wants her?  Is it then okay to scream/hit/hurt etc.?

How about this version instead?

” . . .while you HURT your woman, she’s estimating your body weight and calculating how much poison to put in your porridge tomorrow morning.”

I like it 🙂

Happy Friday!

*FYI, I gave up on my LookingForLissa Facebook account and only maintain the one under my real identity.  It got too confusing living double Facebook lives!

3 Responses to “Facebook Foibles”

  1. This is a perfect example of someone writing something without stepping back and looking at reality.

    If a man is scream/hit/hurting his woman, yea, maybe there is a guy out there who would love her and be good to her but that is totally a moot point. If he is doing that and she hasn’t already left, chances are she is incapable of believing that there could be a man willing to love her and be good to her. She is stuck. He has won.

    Maybe I’m just synical. I’ve been that “other man” a few times, standing by, watching as a woman that I could have shown just how wonderful life can be just stays and puts up with it. I have even stepped in a few times, beat the asshole up. It didn’t change anything, usually she still stayed, often it just made things worse for her. One rare occasion she left him, and I got the chance I waited for. It didn’t work. Seems by not scream/hit/hurting, I was too boring. She went back.

    That was when I was a young man. Now I realize that it’s all a fools dream. The abused woman is the only one who can fix things for herself. Sure, the women I know understand that, should they find them in such a situation, they have somewhere to run to and I will be happy to provide protection in case the man comes looking, but only as a friend. The alternative doesn’t work.


    PS: I tend to write long comments, I hope this doesn’t annoy you.

  2. Laura said

    Thank you!! A couple of friends had this as their status, and it was driving me nuts that no one seemed to have a problem with it.

    “Don’t beat your woman because she might leave you for someone else.”

    How about- don’t beat ANYONE because it’s WRONG. And “your” woman? You own her? She belongs to you? “Stealing smiles from her?” Those are her damn smiles to give!

    And I really don’t see how posting crap to my Facebook wall does anything to prevent Domestic Violence.

  3. Dr. Feelgood said

    Yeah, I don’t have a woman. I’m married to wonderful woman, who is also the mother of my four kids. She gets the very best I have to give. The kids get my penultimate effort. Everyone else gets the dignity and respect they deserve.

    Perhaps the rule should just be, “Don’t be an a-hole”. Times were much nicer when being an a-hole meant you would suffer at the hands of decent men.

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