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Like diving headfirst into a bucket of spit.

Posted by Lissa on May 11, 2010

While innocently walking home yesterday, I encountered these idiots on the corner.  They were handing out fliers about the Glass-Steagall Act and — of course — had their mind-blowingly stupid Obama-Hitler signs.


I ran by like my ass was on fire — I was afraid of catching cooties.

Or mind herpes.

But then I felt a little bad.  Wouldn’t one of their fliers have made some excellent blog-fodder?  After all, CVS isn’t too far away.  I could have picked up a set of latex gloves.

But, hey, I was almost at the T stop, and I didn’t feel like back-tracking, and — hey look!  A squirrel!

Still.  I had nothing queued up for a post today, and since I was too squeamish to interact with the LaRouche idiots, I decided to surf around his PAC website a little and see what was what.

In summary (no links; you can go play in the slime yourself, if you want more details):

  • Did you know the British empire was still running wild?  Yeah, me neither.  But LaRouche knows better than we do:
    ” “This amendment is the most serious threat to the British Empire running loose on this planet today,” LaRouche said May 6. “The bill must be fully supported, without quibble. If you don’t support this, it means you don’t care about civilization.” ”
    I would tell you about the amendment and how much I care about civilization only I’m too busy laughing hysterically in between vomits.
  • Obama = Hitler idiocy:
    “No American patriot contemplates the prospect of impeaching the President of the United States lightly. Thus, despite the fact that President Barack Obama has for months been openly proposing and campaigning for a health care policy which is modeled directly on that of the Hitler regime, and which will lead, if implemented, to the kinds of genocidal results for which that regime, and many of its adherents, were condemned for Crimes Against Humanity after World War II, patriot Lyndon LaRouche has refrained up to this time from calling for him to be impeached.”
    Good God on a tap-dancing pony, y’all.  Here I thought we were worried about health care costs and availability and employers dumping their plans and the government meddling in our lives; it turns out we should be worried BECAUSE NOW THAT THERE’S GOVERNMENT HEALTHCARE WE’RE GOING TO KILL ALL THE JEWS AND THE ELDERLY AND THE DISABLED.  WTF?!?!?!?!?!
  • He’s ready to fix our economy!  Yay!
    “The time has come for the nations of the world to make a dramatic shift in economic policy: away from the fraudulent, or more rightly stated, evil, monetarist system, that currently threatens to plunge our entire civilization into a prolonged, planetary-wide “new dark age”. If we wish to survive, we must reverse the policies of de-industrialization, of killing domestic agriculture, of abandoning essential infrastructure and, most importantly, of the destruction of our NASA-led science programs.”

    That’s right.  In order to avoid a new dark age, NASA must live.  Jeez, he really LOVED that Armageddon movie, huh?  I mean, I’m no Ben Affleck fan, but no matter how many times I have to hear “I don’t wanna miss a thing” I *still* don’t think it’s going to end modern times!  Make me die inside? Yes.  Bring on another dark age? No.
  • And as for their “Green Fascism” page — I’m so sorry, y’all, but I just didn’t make it farther than the opening logo:

    I laughed so hard that I scared the cat and startled my husband. FEAR THE ZOMBIE PANDA!!!!!!!!

So there you go.  You now know everything you need to know about the douchebags with the Obama-Hitler signs.

You’re welcome.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to bathe.

In bleach.

7 Responses to “Like diving headfirst into a bucket of spit.”

  1. Jay G. said

    Of course this begs the question:

    What caliber for Zombie Panda?

    I’ve got my .308…

    • Lissa said

      Hmmm. They’re bears, so they’ve got the thick skulls — I’m not sure a .308 would do it. If they’re terminally cute while alive, do they become dangerously deranged when zombie-fied?

  2. Brad K. said


    A couple of points. (No, I am not a LaRouche follower, gag me with a spoon.)

    There are some things I like about President Obama. He often stays the night in the same house with his wife and children; I like that. He doesn’t abuse his security detail in public. Other than that, all I know about him is the legislative agenda he pursues, and the reputations (lack thereof) of those he chooses to associate with. And I don’t much like that at all.

    The comparison of ObamaCare to the thinly veiled state genocidal program of Germany during the Hitler era has been made widely by non-supporters of every ilk. The similarity and apparent aims, as well as the deceptive promotion, is striking. Hitler did start off by institutionalizing handicapped children – and killing them, for the “good of the state”.

    Opponents to ObamaCare were ridiculed, talking about the “death panels” clearly described in the legislative package. Since passing ObamaCare, at least one administration member blurted out the term, and assumption that medical attention will indeed be denied those that the death panels deem too expensive for certain people. Whether or not this starts out as a genocidal pact, it clearly enables the possibility of tyranny and abuse, if not in this administration, then the next, and the one after that. Dismantling opportunities for exploitation, intimidation, abuse, and corruption like this will take generations or bloodshed/revolution.

    It is my understanding that capitalism is defined as a government invested in growing and and nurturing the success of capitalists, those with capital. Usually that means industrial and commercial enterprises and companies, rather than strictly rich men.

    What benefits more people is often called a “free market” economy. Limiting government intervention lets values of goods and distributions of wealth to determine prices. Demand and prices cause some efforts and products to expand and succeed, others to shrink or go away. The market place can be brutal to some or many, and special interests can arbitrarily intervene to the detriment of a great many. A marketplace free of government restrictions usually benefits capitalists, so capitalism and free market are often used interchangeably, when they mean different things. Both, though, rely on government refraining from interfering with commerce, beyond a light-handed limit on the worst abuses by special interests.

    It seems to me that the more people working, the better. That employers that make a profit keep people employed longer, and more taxes get paid, and collected by the government. But the important part is that the employer, the one with assets – capital – make a profit, or it all comes unglued. And, yes, I do believe that history – President Reagan, for one – have proved that dropping tax rates lets the economy grow, and eventually increases tax revenue (money collected by local, county, and federal governments). Raising taxes or increasing regulations will raise revenue this quarter, but kills employment and drops revenue next quarter, and the one after that, . . .

    Clearly, I think LaRouche is wrong about how much we dare let government interfere with capitalists and their enterprises.

    I wonder if knowing that LaRouche supports his economic agenda floats B. Hussein Obama’s boat.

    • Lissa said

      Brad, I think it’s fair to point out that state-run health programs can indeed lead to “death panels.” (See Britain, formerly Great.) I think it’s a good discussion to have. I’m with you on capitalism kicking statism’s butt.

      But people saying “Obama=Hitler” or slapping that mustache on the president’s face invite dismissal of ANY AND ALL comparisons, analysis or disagreement with his plans. It’s Godwin-ing the discussion. It’s both counter-productive and stupid.

      • Brad K. said


        The real problem I have – and, like you I want to avoid the Obama is just like Hitler thing – is that so many of his supporters are horridly fringe elements. We lost the Communist guy from Berkley – but Obama’s intimate friends are Chicago slum lords, some believe that the population of the US must be reduced, drastically, soon – which invites some horrid scenarios from who gets “reduced” and who gets to keep breathing, to what do our world neighbors thing when we lose 2/3 of our military, or 2/3 (I am quoting their 2/3 numbers, not making this up) of our educated and military veterans – I imagine the response will be, “Let’s get them now!”

        There are serious cases to be made that B. Hussein Obama seldom grasps reality, that he suffers from a narcissistic personality disorder, that he deliberately chose to claim his black (father, Kenyan) heritage, and form most of his adult life, deny and denigrate his mother’s (white, American) heritage.

        Remember the hate crimes bill they passed last summer, that creates a “protected class” of citizens – contrary to the US Constitution? That protected class can now easily turn up almost anywhere – and excludes non-homosexual white people.

        President Obama couldn’t get through the oath of office in public. I remember that part. If I had had an agenda as contrary to the US Constitution as Obama, I couldn’t have sworn with a straight face, either.

        I am appalled that the economic actions he takes mirror so closely the fall of the German economy preceding Hitler’s rise, that led to WWII in Europe. The comparisons are troubling because they are reasonable, considered comparisons.

        So when B. Hussein Obama seems to deliberately choose Hitler’s more infamous mistakes, and make them US policy, well, you can’t describe the likely outcome, without pointing out what happened when Hitler did it.

        History has numerous examples of making government work well. Those examples don’t seem to cross B. Hussein Obama’s event horizon.

        I heard that President Obama is so irate about the new laws for managing those that infiltrate the border with Mexico illegally – because now he might actually have to produce the birth certificate that has eluded a persistent nation. Kenya certainly considers President Obama their native-born son – one nation or the other has to be wrong. We have an administration that denigrates citizens that ask about constitutional details as “birthers”. Those that advocate government being limited to the Constitution are disparaged as “tea baggers”, a term that I am shocked – shocked, I tell you! – that the gay community hasn’t spoken up about it, since using the term incorrectly seems to mock the gays.

        Let us suppose, just for a moment and only for the sake of argument, that President Obama is not interested in abusing the powers of his office, is not interested in authority beyond what is laid out in the Constitution. Even if that were so, the mechanisms and regulations and money flows he is putting into motion will persist, and if Obama doesn’t do serious harm to American liberties and the US economy, it is certain that the next administration will, or the one after that, either through inept bungling, deliberate corruption and graft, or a combination.

        I will not say that B. Hussein Obama is another Hitler. But I do observe that Hitler seems to serve as Obama’s example far too often, and in too many social and economic contexts, for my comfort.

  3. Borepatch said

    Well said, Lissa. It was a public service of you to point out that you can disagree with the man’s policies without making someone invoke Godwin’s Law on you.

    Didn’t we all roll our eyes at the “Bush = Hitler” stuff of the last decade? Let’s not become what we mocked …

    Oh, and I think that .308 would do fine on Pandas. Yes, they’re bears. Yes, bears have thick skulls. But they’re not huge bears, so I’d think you’d have power to spare. If you’re nervous, you can always try a .30-06.

    .30-.30 might not have enough oomph at the naughty end, though.

  4. staghounds said

    I’m loving the zombie panda!

    Rats, someone already has the name. But it’s a pretty amusing site:


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