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Welcome to the Fifties!

Posted by Lissa on May 1, 2010

Mike is cleaning guns while I sew buttons on his work shirts.

Welcome to the Fifties, y’all 🙂


7 Responses to “Welcome to the Fifties!”

  1. Borepatch said

    I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity to get the guns dirty!

  2. George said

    I can’t help but wonder if you were in a dress, wearing pearls, and, in black and white? (I just finished watching an episode of Leave It to Beaver). Of course, Mike would have to remove his suit coat to clean the guns…

  3. The same pair of pants, sans button have been sitting on the wife’s sewing bench for going on a year now.

    Mayhapse I should beat her? I promise to use a rod no thicker than my thumb! *KIDDING!!!*

    • Lissa said

      I may or may not have kept Mike’s shirts for a similar amount of time. I can neither confirm nor deny that.

      • heh, it would appear Mike has as good a wife as I.

        Good catch, Mike! ; ] (And Remember, the rule of thumb, is no thicker than your thumb!!!)

  4. Jay G. said

    *REAL* men don’t need buttons – we just staple the shirt onto our chests…

    (Note: Not meant to imply Mike is anything less than a real man, of course. He can outshoot me, y’know…) 😉

  5. Mopar said

    That’s pretty much how it is around here. Cher makes most foods from scratch, and knits things, often from wool she’s spun herself. My job is to fix things, including the guns. However, when it comes to gun cleaning, we’re smack dab in the 1970’s women’s lib movement; she shoots it, she cleans it!

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