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What are Time’s writers smoking, and can I get some?

Posted by Lissa on April 30, 2010

Because that stuff must be AWESOME for them to come up with a list like this!

Lula is the most influential leader in the world?  Really?  Based on what?

And J.T. Wang is #2?  Who IS J.T. Wang?  Oh, he’s the head of Acer.  Well, um, I do love my Eee . . . oops, wait, that’s ASUS.  Also, you’re saying Wang is more influential than, say, Steve Jobs?  Really?

You know what, maybe they’re not listed in any particular order.  Maybe it’s just a group of 25, not a ranking of 25.  That would make a little more sense, seeing as how I do NOT think Annise Parker (mayor of Houston) is more influential than Manmohan Singh and Gen. Stanley McChrystal.

D’ye know who the last person in that group is?

Scott Brown.


Yes, I thought his election was a great symbol and lots of fun, but what power has Senator Brown actually wielded of late? What has he influenced?

What on earth makes him more influential than, say, VLADIMIR PUTIN or BIBI NETANYAHU or MAHMOUD AHMADINEJAD or HUGO CHAVEZ or even JOE FRICKIN’ BIDEN, for heaven’s sake?  None of whom made the list.

And as for the HEROES section, well, Bill Clinton is up first, and Ben Stiller is fourth.

Ben Stiller.  Y’know, Zoolander guy.

My head hurts.

Pass the pipe to the left, Time magazine writers, and mind your bong manners, now.

2 Responses to “What are Time’s writers smoking, and can I get some?”

  1. Borepatch said

    Time Magazine? Who knew they were still publishing?

    Not exactly on the list of “Top 25 most influential magazines”

  2. Brad K. said


    Didn’t you hear – Time moved up a notch when Weekly World News stopped printing. Golly I miss those Space Alien pictures, Bat Boy, and the Worlds Fattest Baby (a baby for more than a decade and a half!)

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