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Enter The Dragon!

Posted by Lissa on April 27, 2010

Good morning all!  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but here at the Kitty Den we run a 50s-ish household.  For example, I do the grocery shopping each week and almost all the cooking; Mike takes out the trash and handles the finances, etc. When it comes to firearms, Mike’s job is to do the fiddling, the changing out of springs, the customization, and often the cleaning; my job is . . . to shoot them.  And shoot them well.  🙂

Regarding that firearms division of labor — I’m good at my job, but Mike is perhaps better at his.  Watch, for example, a basic Ruger 10/22 . . .

. . . turn into THIS:

Isn’t that fun???  That’s what happens when your husband takes a Ruger 10/22 — a boy’s (or girl’s) basic first rifle — and puts on a skeleton stock with a pistol grip, a bipod, a sling, and a cheap-but-accurate scope.  I call it The Dragon — and yes, Mike laughs at me, but whatever — because it reminds me of the Dragunov that appeared in Burn Notice.

We’ve only taken it to the plinking range (50 yards) once, but it was a HOOT!  We had a bunch of food cans (pumpkin, beans, peas, etc.) as well as some Diet Coke cans and two 2-liter plastic bottles.  In retrospect, we should have brought a bunch of water; the cans are too light and will often fall over in the breeze before we have a chance to snipe them.  A few inches of water in the bottom does a decent job of making them stay put, so I sacrificed some of our bottled water stash from the car trunk.

As nice as it is to punch holes in targets — especially targets with reactive spatter-stickers on them — it’s even MORE fun to make them fall over.

What a great way to spend a beautiful weekend afternoon!

3 Responses to “Enter The Dragon!”

  1. Oh noes! He made it into an evil black rifle, I iz so scared! Better have him put it back before the evil soaks in and you go crazy and join a militia and start shooting minorities and little bitty babies!

    HAHA!! I can’t even keep a strait face long enough to type all that! I have been toying with the idea of getting a 10/22 and doing much the same conversion. I have been looking for one with a folding stock to use as a truck gun although I have been teeterig back and forth on that idea thinking maybe I would be better set with something of bigger caliber for the truck.


  2. totwtytr said

    Nice rifle. If you have decent eyesight, you don’t really need the scope. I don’t, so I do. Now, buy a second one and you and Mike sign up for an Appleseed shoot so you can learn how to shoot a rifle correctly. Really, I have no doubt you’ll both qualify first time out.


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