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Happy BAG Day!

Posted by Lissa on April 15, 2010

That’s Buy-a-Gun Day, friend!  Here’s the latest shiny-shiny piece in the Kitty Den armory:

This dainty little beauty is possessed of a really cool feed-ramp that makes the gun surprisingly accurate and comfortable to shoot, despite its petite size:

A Kahr in the hand is worth two in the store.

It’s pretty damn accurate, too.  Here are the first couple magazines I put through her at seven yards:

So the burning question is . . .

What do I name her?  (It’s definitely a her.)  Kahr-oline?  Kahr-pe Diem?  THE KAHR?  Kahr-abel? Kahr-ly?  Help!!!


10 Responses to “Happy BAG Day!”

  1. Jay G. said

    I’m partial to Kahroline, actually.

    Nice pick-up, Lissa! I’m jealous! 🙂

  2. Mike said

    To clarify the feed ramp thing (for anyone who cares), it’s that it is slightly offset from center, allowing some of the trigger mechanism to sit next to it rather than below it. This means the grip can be higher up relative to the bore axis, which–geeky physics talk alert–increases the magnitude of the straight back component vector of the recoil and decreases the magnitude of the upward component. That makes shooting a 15oz gun less unpleasant than might otherwise be expected.

  3. secretlivesofscientists said

    Ooooooooooh Prrrreeeetttyy WANTWANTWANT!

    First thoughts that came to my head. The second thoughts were:

    1) Damn that looks like a good fit for your hand, and would probably make a fantastic carry gun and I want one.
    2) that is the best shot grouping I’ve seen you post. Yay you.

  4. Nice. I’m a bit grouchy about the loaded chamber indicator and the thumb safety, but they’re still wicked slick guns.

    I may eventually break down and get one and see if Greg Derr can revert it more-or-less back to free-America condition.

  5. Kevin said

    I call mine, a CW9, my “Other Kahr” I know not to original. But Kahr-ly? I knoda like that.
    Enjoy. I have mine!! I’m headed to Bill’s Gun Shop. Only a couple of blocks from my office!!

  6. If you go with Kahroline there’s even a Neil Diamond song for it.

    Sweet Kahroline! (Bum Bum Bum)
    Good times never seemed so good.

    Ok… I’m a nerd, I admit. Going back to my cubicle now…


  7. Jeff said

    I like it better as:

    Sweet Kahroline! (Bang! Bang! Bang!)

  8. Nice one lass…

  9. Very nice. I considered a Kahr, but ended up going with a Kel-Tec PF-9 instead.

    For my BAGD purchase, I got a Marlin Model 60

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