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A very good weekend

Posted by Lissa on March 29, 2010

Good morning all!  I hope your weekend was as lovely as mine!  I managed to overcome the natural laziness that is the bane of my existence and did the following this weekend:

  • Drank coffee while petting Rajah and reading Kindle
  • Cleaned my bathroom
  • Took a semi-n00b to the range (and we all had a lovely time!)
  • Ate some delicious fettuccine carbonara, prepared by the loving hands of my husband
  • Did my duty at the kitty shelter and wrote bios for five sweeties*
  • Marveled at how the beautiful sunshine nicely disguised a friggin’ CHILLY morning
  • Downloaded a few new workout songs (they’ll make appearances on Workout Wednesday!)
  • Did 8 minutes on the Arc-Trainer and worked hard enough during my 45 minutes on elliptical to be dizzy afterwards
  • Stretched diligently — I’m a good girl
  • Cleaned Mike’s bathroom (I made him a deal that I’d clean his bathroom if he cleaned all the guns from Saturday’s range trip)
  • Washed the floormats from both bathrooms
  • Planned out the weekly food menu
  • Went grocery shopping at two different stores**
  • Roasted a chicken (that sucker took WAY longer than I expected) as well as a zucchini and some red and yellow bell peppers
  • Tidied up the kitchen and prepared coffee for this morning
  • (Apparently) sacrificed some small furry creature to the Gods Of Early Morning, for I awakened today at 4:45 with no problems.  Hooray!

I always feel so guilty when I’m lazy and, conversely, so accomplished when I *do* things that it’s amazing how lazy I *still* am :-p

So . . . how was your weekend?

*Seriously, this is why I bought the iPhone.  I stood at the shelter petting each new kitty, used the phone to take a photo or two, then wrote up a bio in the Notes app.  On one occasion I used the internet to look up an old Donny and Marie Osmond song.  Then I copied all the notes into an email and sent it off to the shelter coordinator, along with the pictures.  This phone RAWKS!!!

**I rotate shopping trips between Shaw’s, Hannaford’s and Stop and Shop, depending on what we need that week.  I walked into Shaw’s and was frustrated that they had no fresh basil.  Then I was seriously irked that they had no baby spinach.  When I realized that they had no mint it was the last straw; I put back my cart and drove straight to Stop and Shop.  C’mon, Shaws; do you want my business or don’t you?

2 Responses to “A very good weekend”

  1. wolfwalker said

    Regarding Shaw’s: Lissa, are you aware of the strike at the Shaw’s fresh-food distribution warehouse in Methuen, Massachusetts? The local union is throwing a tantrum because Shaw’s asked them to shoulder a little more of the cost of their own health-care policies. That warehouse is a big distribution center for perishables — greens, dairy products, meats. So Shaw’s stores are having trouble keeping all those things in stock.

    • Lissa said

      No, I didn’t know that! All right, I won’t cross them off my rotation. (Besides, no one else stocks Cains Grandma’s Baby Baby Dills)

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