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Quotes of the Day

Posted by Lissa on March 26, 2010

Imagine for a moment that your house burned down.

Ouch–that’s no fun. Let’s start over. Imagine for a moment that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s house burned down. There–that’s better.

After a week, the Twelfth Imam still hasn’t shown up to build him a new one, so Mahmoud goes down to Achmed Insurance Co. and says “Sell me a policy that will cover my house fire last week.” And his agent says “Love to–we like losing money and going out of business!”

Well, that’s Obamacare. The week-old house fire is like a pre-existing condition. Naturally, if companies must sell you a policy, many people would not carry coverage until they needed it. It’s only logical.

* * *

Health care is not a right. Health care is a warm fuzzy, that we would like people to have, that we even volunteer so that more people can have but ultimately cannot be classified as a right. To force a doctor to see a patient, regardless of the compensation they may receive, is a clear violation of property rights.

2 Responses to “Quotes of the Day”

  1. It is frustrating. I have friends who are a married couple, he’s a parapalegic and has medicare (or medicaid, I’m not sure which). She, on the other hand, is diabetic and in generally not great health and they aren’t able to afford health insurance for her. They are both loving the no pre-existing condition part of obamacare becuase (they say) it means that she can now get insurance… except, they don’t seem to understand that that ISN’T what it means. It means that IF THEY COULD AFFORD insurance, it would have to cover her pre-existing stuff, and since insurance now have to cover pre-existing stuff, it is likely to become more expensive so they will be even less able to afford it than before.

    Oh… Obamacare is going to create insurance exchanges… Yea… like thats going to happen. I’m just sure that Insurance companies are going to line up around the block for that.

    Obamacare, in my opinion, was created to fail. It was created to screw up health insurance so bad that the progressives will be able to step in and completely socialize medicine. I sincerely hope that “we” can get rid of this ball of crap before that happens. I do agree that the health care industry could use some tweaking, but Obamacare is a sledge hammer when what was needed was a screw driver.


  2. Brad K. said

    Imagine you build houses. A carpenter, excavator, roofer. And Uncle Sam’s good SEIU buddy says, “A tree fell on my house. Fix it. I will pay you about 15% of your costs and time.”

    Consider – do you recommend your kids go into building houses? Will the neighbor kids consider building houses?

    Did I mention, that Big Company bought out every nail maker and lumber producer, and charges exceptionally high money for them. The insurance you are required to have for a construction site is expensive – and the nail makers and insurance guys get federal subsidies.

    Now, where did those house builders go?

    OK, that was stupid. Now, imagine that you grow food crops. Now, imagine that Monsanto and two other companies bought out and shut down every other seed corn producer in America. No, wait, don’t imagine that, that was last year. But imagine that the seed corn price went over $100 a bag, to $200 last year, to $300 this year. No, don’t imagine that, it happened, too. But imagine that the government let Monsanto and two buddies patent their weed-spray proof seed, and set up regulations to “protect” those patents, by forbidding anyone to use their corn for planting. Dang, that was a couple of years ago, and hit soybean and wheat, as well. Let’s say that you get about 200 bushels of corn per acre, and it takes about a bag of seed. And the government sets the price of the corn you sell at about $1.70. And no one cares about the time, the diesel fuel, repairs, and equipment you use to prepare, plant, and harvest, and transport that corn/soybeans/wheat to sell. Let’s imagine that the mixed grains you feed your chickens now has Round-Up-Ready corn in it – and your chickens are starving because they won’t eat the corn that now grows it’s own pesticide right in the kernel, at levels that would poison the chickens. Wait, that was this week, at my house.

    Nothing to worry about! Houses will get build, and chickens fed, and people will get medical help, because it just will.

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