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Conversations in Strega (an Italian restaurant in the North End)

Posted by Lissa on March 25, 2010

LISSA: How do you say “Cheers!” in Italian?

MIKE: Salute?


MIKE: Noooooo, definitely not that one.

LISSA:  Why not?  They’re not the same?  They share the same freakin’ gods, for cryin’ out loud, just with different names!

MIKE:  That’s true!  And they’re both greasy!*

LISSA (thinking about other differences between the countries): Is there an Italian orthodox church?

MIKE: (says nothing, just goggles at me)

LISSA:  What?  Did I say that really loud?  Was that bad?

MIKE: Noooooooooooo, it’s not that!

LISSA:  What??

MIKE: Um, yes, there’s an Italian orthodox church.  The one with the Pope.

LISSA:  (hangs head in melodramatic shame while giggling madly)

I may have been baptized Catholic, but I’m clearly not up to date with my theology!

P.S. Strega?  Thumbs UP, y’all!  Delicious food, delicious drink, and the TV screens play The Godfather, Analyze That, and Scarface all at once!

*In case you’re wondering, that was a JOKE.  Mike’s got Italian ancestry and I’ve never once skimmed Crisco from his hair!  And Jay G doesn’t even HAVE hair!

One Response to “Conversations in Strega (an Italian restaurant in the North End)”

  1. Jay G. said

    I’ve been accused of having “guinea grease” more than once.

    The statement stands…


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