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Range Report – Shoothouse Barbie Edition!

Posted by Lissa on March 19, 2010

I finally got around to writing this up which I’ve been meaning to do for days Shoothouse Barbie asked me to, so *long sigh* I suppose I will!

Needless to say, we had a lovely time at Shoothouse Barbie‘s range!  It was huge — way bigger than I’m used to — and with more than enough room to set up a shotgun target on the close berm and rifle targets on the far berm.

First up for Lissa: a .22 Vostack (sp?) CM 2 with a superscope!

Dr. Boyfriend carefully instructed us on shooting from a prone position with a bipod and a sock full of rice.  It was really hard for me to keep my eyesight from blurring and my shoulder felt seriously unnatural, but supposedly finding my “natural point of aim” and controlling my breathing would make the teeny-tiny bullet travel 75 yards and go exactly where I wanted it. I think this is where folks find “the zen of the rifle” but for me it was more difficult than relaxing.  I imagine that with more practice it gets easier.

Oh, and the term “hair trigger”?  We haz it!  I took a deep breath, let it out, took a deep breath, then gently placed my finger on the trigger so I could pull it halfway through the next breath — PLINK!

“Holy ****, did that just go off?”  I frickin’ TOUCHED the thing and the shot fired.  Dr. Boyfriend had told me the trigger was ridiculously super-light, but this was like nothing I’d experienced before.  Oy!

The .22 was interesting, but I liked the next gun a lot better:

That is, as many of you know, an AR-15 (with a red-dot sight).  Mama liiiiiiiike!  This pretty thing had a loud boom — although it wasn’t nearly as loud when you were the one shooting it.  Isn’t that funny? — with a smooth and easy recoil.  I’m told that since they’re made of plastic and rather modular, you can trick them out any way you want.

Dr. Boyfriend reclines, Mike hunches and Shoothouse Barbie watches over

I have four more guns to review, but my shower is calling me — Happy Friday, all!

2 Responses to “Range Report – Shoothouse Barbie Edition!”

  1. Yay yay yay!!

  2. Mike w said

    Looks like a good time. Eotech’s are great aren’t they?

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