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A Homework Day

Posted by Lissa on March 18, 2010

I’m heading up to New Hampshire to do homework for a day.

Yes, really!

The reason behind it involves a favor for a friend, but the long and short of it is that I’m bringing my Eee (and of course my iPhone) and plan to do massive amounts of “homework” today.

Since I’m not in school and I won’t be in my home, you might wonder what such work entails.  Allow me to elucidate*:

  • I’m going to call my doctor and schedule speech therapy
  • I’m going to create a contact list using Google Contacts
  • I’m going to Sync said contact list to my iPhone so I can have birthdays and addresses and cell phones and home phones all in one place
  • (broadband allowing) I’m going to work on my (sadly neglected) wedding album

All worthwhile tasks that I’ve been putting off . . . and putting off . . . and hey, I have to wait until lunch break . . . and I think I’ll surf the web instead . . . and putting off . . .

Almost makes me miss college.

Majors and exams and twenty page papers and job searching and midterms and finals . . .

Hey wait, no I don’t!!

*Words like this occasionally pop out and surprise me.  I have no idea where I picked this one up or why I couldn’t just type “clarify” or “elaborate” or “explain.”  I blame reading Anne of Green Gables at a young age.

2 Responses to “A Homework Day”

  1. secretlivesofscientists said

    You gonna post more pics from the range day?

  2. […] 19, 2010 I finally got around to writing this up which I’ve been meaning to do for days Shoothouse Barbie asked me to, so *long sigh* I suppose I […]

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