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It’s been a miserable day

Posted by Lissa on March 15, 2010

Really, it has.  There have been a few bright spots — you know who you are — but on the whole the last twenty-four hours have been utterly unappealing. 

I’m hopeful that by tomorrow morning I’ll be able to describe today’s trials and tribulations with less whining and more humor than I can manage today.  In the meantime, does anyone have a smile or a bit of sunshine they could loan me?  I’d be ever so grateful!

3 Responses to “It’s been a miserable day”

  1. alan said

    Here’s one. I had an extra. 😀

  2. Jay G. said

    You got first mention in a Breda post! That’s something special!

  3. Lissa said

    Thanks guys 🙂

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