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Please set my caffeine meter to “Shrieking”

Posted by Lissa on March 10, 2010

I’m ashamed to admit that I abused Shoothouse Barbie‘s hospitality.  How?  Well, Dr. Boyfriend didn’t notice it, but I stole the sling off one of their rifles.  I’ve just wrapped it around my left bicep and tightened it with my teeth; I’m now ready to take the quickest and most effective method for getting coffee into my bloodstream.

(Of course I didn’t; I don’t steal.  The closest I came to abusing hospitality were fleeting thoughts of dog-napping.)

I am EXHAUSTED, y’all.  We had the unexpected pleasure of dining with old college friend CC last night.  I finally managed to give him Ambulance Driver’s autographed book*, something I’ve been meaning to do for a year.  (He says thanks, AD, he’s really excited to read it and was psyched by the note!)

CC’s years of EMT-ing and medical response leads him to have the — dare I say it? — cynical, off-the-wall, biting-yet-good-humored hysterical stories I’ve found common in the EMT world.  He told us stories about breaking in new physician assistants, and a woman with very unfortunately placed necrotizing fasciitis, and the similarity of drug reps to pole dancers, etc., and we laughed ourselves silly.  A lovely time was had by all!

But it meant we didn’t get home till 10:15 PM.  Another night of short sleep for Lissa and Michael!

So, rather than give short shrift to my trip to Austin, I’m holding most of it until tomorrow.  However, I shall give you a teaser!

*P.S. En Route is now on Kindle!  If you haven’t already bought a copy, do it today!

4 Responses to “Please set my caffeine meter to “Shrieking””

  1. Jay G. said

    ZOMG, you get tossed backwards like a foot with each shot! IIRC my Mossberg wasn’t as mean to you…

  2. she looooooooved the shotguns! See, they don’t “kick”, they just love you a little too hard 😉

  3. Jay G. said

    Mental note: Introduce Lissa to 3″ Magnum slugs…


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