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It took sixteen and a half hours to get home yesterday.

Posted by Lissa on March 9, 2010

Good morning all! You might think that I’m about to hit PUBLISH for a long, detailed account of my Texas trip, rich with pictures and sparkling with merry wit. Obviously, you’d be wrong. But there’s no shame in being wrong. After all, I was convinced this morning that I was going to get ten hours of sleep, then awake to Mike offering me a light breakfast of freshly brewed coffee and beluga caviar. Then the cat head-butted me and the dream evaporated.
I did get the freshly brewed coffee – thanks sweetie! – but I’m gulping it on the train to a roundtable. Before I go to a doctor who will stick a camera up my nose. Before I get on the train to come back to the office. And I’m tired enough to feel blearily nauseated.
In other words, no pix til tomorrow. Patience, my minions! When I conquer the world, I shall tell the flying monkeys to eat you last.
P.S. Send Shoothouse Barbie some good karma today!

2 Responses to “It took sixteen and a half hours to get home yesterday.”

  1. Mike said

    That’s a gross exaggeration! It was only 15.5 hours after adjusting for the time change.

    By my reckoning, we left Shoothouse Barbie’s at 6:10 central time and got home at ~10:30 eastern time. Most impressively, about 7.5 of those 15.5 hours were spent at O’Hare.

  2. Borepatch said

    I dig being a minion. 😉

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