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Range report – Guest Jay G edition

Posted by Lissa on March 1, 2010

Good morning all!  We were graced yesterday by the presence of the ever-witty and fabulously-entertaining Jay G; we spent the afternoon testing lasers, blasting .40 and generally having a grand time.

The primary concern for Mike and me was to break in our new acquisition, Marco Polo:

He’s not as much fun to shoot as Siguette, or even Sigmund, but I have no complaints about the accuracy:

And here’s where I get to brag a little . . .  Mike generally takes a magazine or two to settle into a new gun.  Partly because I take more time aiming, I shoot almost as well starting a new gun as I do 50 rounds in.  He rippled off the first magazine (with grips that were too small for him) and wondered if the sights were off; I nonchalantly put the second magazine through the center of the target and felt like a superstar.  Superstar!! *happy dance*

My shoulder is feeling somewhat abused today — a plastic gun + an ammo I dislike = Sore Lissa — but I’m quite pleased with how accurate (if not friendly) Marco Polo is.  I believe that Jay G now shares my father’s (and sometimes my husband’s) opinion that when I’m on, I can be just a bit frightening. *grin*

And the quote of the day, according to Jay G, came after he tried Siguito the Mosquito . . .

. . . and I asked him, “So, is this like a subconsious Freudian thing, that you always aim for the left?”

Jay G, it was a pleasure to host you!  Happy Monday, all!!


4 Responses to “Range report – Guest Jay G edition”

  1. Breda said

    I am squeeing over what a good shot you are!

  2. Jay G. said

    She’s a frighteningly good shot.

    Well, frightening to any potential bad guy out there, that is…

    Thanks for having me, Lissa, and thanks for not divulging to the world what a pathetically bad shot I am… *g*

  3. Borepatch said

    “aim for the left” – heh.

  4. Old NFO said

    Nice shootin’ Lissa! And yeah, that whole aiming thing helps… 🙂 If you’re hurting, you need to shoot more and build up the muscles 🙂

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