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Apps, Apps, Apps!

Posted by Lissa on February 25, 2010

Good morning all!  Welcome to the All Apps, All The Time show!  I’m your humble host, Lissa, newly brainwashed by the Borg and eager to time-suck your soul!

Seriously, it seems like all I’ve done for the last two days is hang out at the App Store to sample its wares.  I look back at the pre-iPhone days — sepia-toned, the edges curling with age — and recall paying $4.99 for a single game of Tetris.  Those days are OVER, my friends.  Over and gone.

Thanks to everyone for the recommendations!  Thanks especially to Breda, who pointed out freeappalert.com.  I’m trying not to run wild like a little kid in a candy store, which means that I’m concentrating on free (often “Lite”) downloads until I sober up.  (How’s that for mixed metaphors?)

Yesterday’s apps:

  • Voodoo Doll — Hypothetically, I may have, allegedly, uploaded a picture of one of the more annoying bigwigs in the company.  I can neither confirm nor deny any poking of pins that may have come as a result.
  • Amazon.com — Hat tip to Mike, it does work a LOT better than the web browser.
  • Popatronic — Fun game, but the game lasted for an awfully long time.  Happily, it will let you go away and come back to your unfinished game.
  • Doodle Army — This one’s . . . interesting.  So far I’ve gotten spectacularly dead.
  • Gorillacam — Wow, the iPhone camera is a lot better than I thought!
  • PillMaster — A quick-flick sorting game, I downloaded it purely so I could call myself the PillMaster.  FEAR THE PILLMASTER, Y’ALL.
  • GlowBrick — Um, it’s Pong.  Not a keeper.
  • And finally, SpinPuzzle — I really like this one!  Sure, the pictures of waify anorexic emo elves is a little silly, but this slide-and-rotate-the-pieces-around jigsaw is very entertaining.

That’s all from today’s All Apps, All The Time Show!  Thank you, please tip your waitress, and come back soon!

3 Responses to “Apps, Apps, Apps!”

  1. wolfwalker said

    I don’t have an iPhone and probably never will. But I’m told by relatives who do that the most addictive iPhone game-app in all of Creation is something called Doodlejump.

  2. Colin said

    Stick to the free ones, or you will need one of these:


  3. Kirsten said

    Hey thanks for the link to that daily free app site…. I snagged a few…

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