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Random thoughts

Posted by Lissa on February 24, 2010

  • The Borg has sucked me in.  The dishes in my sink look on accusingly as I go about my Borg-mandated web surfing.
  • Which apps are worth actual money?  I’ve been downloading boatloads of free apps but am reluctant to fork over actual cash unless I know the product is going to be awesome.  Your thoughts?
  • I did spend money on Pocket God, and have been quite a cruel and vengeful God!  I keep accidentally tipping the poor suckers off the screen.  And letting them explode from a buildup of internal waste.  And failing to defend them from barking spiders.  Apparently I need to brush up on my God-skills.
  • Speaking of actual cash, I realized last night why I had enough in my allowance to buy an iPhone — I haven’t bought a pair of heels in at least six months.  My inner fashionista cries out in pain and demands a Stiletto app.
  • Rajah prefers the BirdSounds Lite app to the Kitty! app.  I prefer that he not launch himself off my lap in a panic — ouchie claws — so I guess I prefer BirdSounds as well!
  • From last week — a shattered crystal goblet = God’s way of telling you Why yes, you SHOULD mop the floor, you lazy git.
  • Of course, I also think cold, rainy days are God’s way of telling us to go back to bed and stay there.   My boss has proved disappointingly immune to such cold hard logic.
  • It’s official — Mike wants an iPhone!  EPIC lightsaber battles will commence next week.
  • Does everyone remember this?  You know, the Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd opera?  I made a reference to it in Facebook to a 23-year-old and fear he had no idea what I was talking about!
  • Speaking of Facebook — yes, Breda, I check Facebook, but only my “real” identity one.  Trying to also keep a LookingForLissa one became exhausting!
  • Life sucks at Ye Olde Financial Company right now.  I really look forward to Monday.
  • God, did I just SAY that?  I definitely need more coffee.
  • Coffee app???

Happy Wednesday, all!

3 Responses to “Random thoughts”

  1. George said

    re: the Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd opus? I proudly remember more than one, a number of episodes. Of course, I’m probably old enough to remember the actual operas…
    re: Facebook, I’ve had the same problem…we were celebrating ‘old’ movies, and the youngsters quoted movies from THE 90s! -sigh-
    Love your blog!

  2. Ken said

    I love Field Runners (Tower defense game)

    The Moron Test is also kinda fun – and addicting.

    Dismount is fun for twisted folks. You just push a guy down the stairs and get bonus points if you break bones/neck. You can add a face to the guy as well, just in case you’re mad at someone 😉

    Open Feint is a free app that posts a free game every day. I got two or three fun games from it. The great thing is if you don’t like it – delete.

    If you like to read the Kindle app is great.

  3. wolfwalker said

    Bugs and Elmer dismantling an opera? I remember two, both generally regarded as among their best: “What’s Opera, Doc?” and “The Rabbit of Seville.”

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