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Lissa joins the Borg

Posted by Lissa on February 23, 2010

Lissa lost her Apple cherry!  Yes folks, I am the proud owner of a 3G S iPhone.  SQUEEE!!!

You see, my husband is the bestest, most generous, most wife-spoiling sweetie EVER.  (Duh.)  When I mentioned that I really wanted a smartphone and was sad that I didn’t have an upgrade until October, he selflessly offered me his upgrade, available this week, to steal if I wanted.


I’ve wanted an iPhone since they came out, really, but

a) I hate Macs.  Hate’ em with fiery fiery passionate loathing.  The buttons are all wrong and the keyboards are too small and no external disk drive and HATE HATE HATE.  (No, I did NOT just describe my perfect happy little Eee.  Shut up.)

b) I NEVER get technology when it first comes out, as the price will drop (as will the number of bugs) within the first few months.

So I’ve eyed them wistfully and longingly until now.

And, just like the Lasik, Mike took a passing “Gosh I wish I had . . . ” remark and turned it into action.  He is SUCH a keeper 🙂

Oh, and the really happy part? When I went to the phone store they said that, since my line migrated in February (we moved my single line to Mike’s line for a family plan), I counted for my own upgrade.  Yay!!  There’s a decent possibility we’ll be back at the phone store this weekend using Mike’s upgrade for a second iPhone.  Just sayin’.  🙂  (He still gets full brownie points though, because 1) he was *willing* to give me his, and 2) I wouldn’t have gone to the store and found out I was upgrade-eligible if he hadn’t.)

Seriously, this thing ROCKS!!!ELEVENTY!!.  I fell asleep last night with the assistance of the Sleep Machine (free), combining the sound of a fan and the sound of a beach.  It was a perfect way to climb down after playing the virtual piano (free), Skeeball ($0.99), Battle Bears (free, and if you’ve never kasploded the heads of pink zombie teddies and watched rainbows shoot out of their necks, well, then, you haven’t LIVED), popped some bubble wrap (free), caught some eggs (free), scared my cat with Kitty! sounds (free), used my phone as a lightsaber (free, and purely for Mike’s benefit), read some of my book on the Kindle app (free), checked some comments on the WordPress app (free), listened to music with Pandora (free), and checked Today In History (free).  Before I’d climbed out of bed this morning I’d checked email and the weather, Skype’d my husband and looked at Facebook updates.  I’d have stayed there longer except the coffee was patiently awaiting me to put it in my face.  If an iPhone dispensed coffee, I’d be in bed till next week.

Is there an app for that?

13 Responses to “Lissa joins the Borg”

  1. alan said

    Best “phone” ever.

    If you haven’t already, get Pocket God.

  2. Jay G. said

    Oh noes.

    Lissa has been assimilated…

    Resistance is futile.

  3. Breda said

    3 things –

    1. Pocket God IS awesome.

    2. A man who gives you his iPhone is definitely a keeper, and…

    3. You check your facebook?

    • Mike said

      In fairness, I already had a smartphone (Moto Q9) and have been doing the Internet thing on my phone for years, so I didn’t just give her my iPhone since I doubt I’d have gotten . It’s a much bigger deal that I’ve allowed iTunes into my home!

      Now that I’ve made that allowance, I plan to get an iPhone too. Let’s just pretend it’s because it’ll simplify our IT setup and not because it’s cool.

  4. We can’t be buds anymore! j/k ; ]

  5. Borepatch said

    Wait until you blog from it, going down I-95 to a blogshoot …

  6. mike w. said

    Like you I don’t do the whole “must have the newest tech” thing, but I caved in and the Iphone rocks.

    You will be going “OMG, I can do THAT?!!” for the next few days.

  7. Kirsten said

    Words With Friends.


    And Bejeweled 2… because blitz is awesome.

  8. Ken said

    Back in my day IBM was teh evil.
    Then Microsoft became the borg
    Now leaving the borg for teh apple makes you borg?

    I must be getting old…

  9. secretlivesofscientists said

    sweet! Get the shot-timer app!

  10. Mopar said

    Sadly, it seems there is no “Battle Bears” app for Android yet.

  11. Minnie said

    URGH! I’m anti mac. I think of all the amazing things I could have if I cross over to the dark side, but I just haven’t been able to do it.

  12. Wow…I can definitely feel the Mac love in the room… 🙂

    I was one of those folks too….until I got one.

    Lissa…getting a Mac (not a Macbook, not a Mac Mini, but a real Mac) is as amazing as going from your regular phone to your iPhone and saying *I can do WHAT?!?! COOL!!!!* for at least a month.

    And, if you really miss WinBlows that much, you simply install Parallels, then WinBlows inside of the Parallels program. Then while you’re on the Mac you click an icon, WinBlows starts up in a new window, and you’re off to the races!

    But honestly…the only reason I have Windows on the machine at all is for MS Office Pro (I use MS Access and Excel alot) and Quicken. There’s Quicken for Mac but it sucks, and MS Office for Mac can’t support the MS Access database engine.

    And stop to give this a thought…to write an iPhone app program, you need a Mac. 🙂

    Ergo, those apps come to life ON a Mac…

    Curently there’s no way to run the app on a Mac to its full capacity, but I’m sure that there’s someone out there putting together an emulator to do just that…

    Maybe *then* it’ll dispense coffee…. 🙂

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