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“Wait, why do I get the girl gun?”

Posted by Lissa on February 4, 2010

Well, because I *like* the girl gun, actually 🙂

Meet Sigmund (top) and Siguette!  Siguito the Mosquito is pouting because he didn’t get pictured, but I’ll take care of that some other time.

As you can see from the pic, Siguette shoots smaller, more slender bullets with a domed top rather than a flat top.  The shorter barrel makes it a little harder to shoot accurately (compared to Sigmund), but in addition to its enhanced concealability, I prefer the “girl gun” for two reasons:

1) .40 ammo is a BITCH.  I *REALLY* dislike it.  We were shooting some sort of aluminum-jacketed super-fast rounds (Mike?  Help please!) and I made it through exactly one magazine.  I was literally jarred backwards with every shot, clenching my teeth to keep from biting my tongue.  Boo!  I *MUCH* prefer my one experience shooting .45, with Jay G.

2) The grip is just too wide for me.  Apparently I need to stick to single-stack guns.  With Sigmund, I have to adjust my grip, sliding my right hand around to the side until the gun no longer lines up with my forearm (in order to get my finger-pad on the trigger), and that’s just in single-action.

I was surprised by how my hands felt too small for Sigmund.  After all, I’ve always thought that I have very large hands for my size — and perhaps I do.  But my size is still 5’3″, and I’m guessing the average size of the average pistol-shooter is just a tad above that 😉  On the other hand, Siguette is a little small for Mike, and when I took a 6’4″ friend to the range he found it difficult to get a good grip on her.

Of course, Sigmund has other advantage, like having an accessory rail.  And having a .22 conversion kit and CrimsonTrace grips, both of which Mike bought from his allowance.  (That’s why he has lasers and I don’t.  YET.)  Anyway, even though I had to make a concerted effort to grip in such a way as to get the lasers to light off, I had a blast shooting .22 with the laser aiming for me.

In Soviet Russia, SIGHTS aim YOU!

Happy Thursday, all!


15 Responses to ““Wait, why do I get the girl gun?””

  1. Mike said

    The aluminum was the “brass” making them cheaper but not reloadable (which isn’t a problem if you don’t care to reload them!). The bullets themselves were standard FMJ.

    What made them kick more is they were 165gr .40 and that runs significantly hotter than the 180gr ones we’d shot before. They have 35-40% more muzzle energy than the 9mm you’d typically shoot. And be fair; that experience came in the middle of shooting a lot of .22!

  2. Jay G. said

    The .45 is available any time you’d like to get together to shoot ‘er, BTW.

    Actually, we should be getting together at the end of the month to do some bidness regarding Sigmund’s doppelganger, no?


  3. dagamore said

    the only thing wrong with the sig .40 is that its not a Colt 1911A1 in 45ACP (or better yet in 38Super!)

  4. What you’re noticing is recoil impulse (ie the speed that the recoil force is delivered to you hand), .40 S&W is loaded at higher chamber pressure than 9x19mm and .45 ACP, so the recoil is more punchy with the .40. The wider grip should make it a little better, but only if you can manage a firm grip on it (and if it’s too big for you, fat chance*heh*) and in the end, the stopping power of all three is only minimally different.

    Also single-stacks carry better because they are less likely to print!

    I like the girl gun! Tho personally I’d prefer a 226 in 9×19 : ]

    • Oh and I forgot that not only do single-stack guns carry really well….but single-stack magazines also carry well being as thin as they are. So you can have lots of ammo anyway!


  5. secretlivesofscientists said

    Well, we could get into a calibur war, regard the merrits of the .40 cal, and the disadvantages to carrying a .40 cal….but let’s just say the p229 is Mike’s first child. There will be others, I’m sure. Plenty of boomsticks await your arrival in Texas.


    • Mike said

      There are trade-offs involved in any chosen caliber, so we just differ on the relative coefficients we’re assigning the variables in our utility functions. That said, I also plan to get a 9mm barrel, but I find the .40 more fun.

  6. 1) I tried to like .40 and it just didn’t work out, and now we’ve parted ways amicably.

    2) Lissa names her guns. She’s such a girl. 🙂

  7. Meet Sigmund (top) and Siguette!

    What, not “the Sig-nora”?

  8. totwtytr said

    I had a Glock in .40. Operative term being had. I didn’t mind the cartridge, or the gun, but just didn’t love either.

    I found that I liked shooting 9mm much more and shot better with my 5906 than with my G23. I sold the Glock and since then have added three more 9mm hand guns to me stable.

    All four of them say Smith and Wesson on them, as do almost all of my other hand guns.

    Which brings me to the Sigs. I’m not a fan. I shot one last Sunday when my daughter and three friends of mine all took their handgun safety class. I didn’t like it all that much, although the instructor is a total Sig Fan Boi.

    Buy, carry, and shoot the hand gun you like and feel the most comfortable with. That’s the bottom line.

    And I’m gonna whine because JayG never offers to let me shoot his guns! 😉

  9. bogie said

    Siguette is a beaty. Of course, I might be a bit on the biased side.

  10. mike w. said

    Lissa – Beautiful Sigs! You should keep them away from eachother or they’ll start multiplying. Trust me.

    You and Mike should buy a .357 SIG barrel for your P229. I too dislike the .40 (my P229 was originally a .40 S&W) but it’s much more pleasant to shoot in .357 SIG.

    Also, keep in mind that Jay’s Colt is significantly heavier than your 229. I bet a heavier P229ST in .40 would have much more amicable recoil as it’s closer in weight to a 1911.

    Weer’d’s right, that P239 will conceal way easier than the P229. I find myself carrying my single stack Sigs far more than the double’s. Carrying a spare mag is a breeze with a single stack as well.

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