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Double Ow!

Posted by Lissa on February 1, 2010

Owwwwwwww ow ow ow ow ow!

Long-time readers knows that I am not a fan of exercise for exercise’s sake.  I ran track and played soccer throughout high school and continued playing soccer casually through college and beyond.  I love being in shape, but I often get bored on the silly elliptical and since I’m naturally lazy, the couch and the book too often wins out over going to the gym.  Double that when my workout partner is in Charlotte!  I tend to go through periods of “being good” — i.e. exercising regularly at least three times a week — that will be alternated with long periods of not going at all.

I ended one of those long periods by going to the gym with Mike yesterday.

Holy cow I hurt.

I didn’t do that much — 35 minutes on the elliptical — and my legs and butt are fine, only a tiny bit sore.  It’s my arms that are killing me.  While I walk at a VERY brisk pace at least fifteen minutes a day (as brisk as I can possibly do, because, honey, it’s COLD out in Boston!!), apparently I don’t work my arms on a regular basis.  Combine that with a trip to the range yesterday afternoon, and I woke up this morning going OW OW OW.


The second ow?  Mike and I got our W-2’s this past week.


I’m not going to tell you how much was withheld for taxes, only that I felt a serious reaming in the direction of my backside.

Tell me, dear readers:

2 Responses to “Double Ow!”

  1. mike w. said


    I suspect I’ll be writing checks to the Feds and the State of DE, just like last year.

  2. bogie said

    Since we have absolutely no deductions, we pay max taxes every year – very painful. The only saving grace is that, living in NH, we don’t pay state income tax (but the taxes on our measly little house are sky high).

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