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“This bush is brown. This Brown is BUSH.”

Posted by Lissa on January 14, 2010

This actually made me laugh out loud when it showed up in my mailbox:

MIKE:  “Seriously?  Really?  They think this will work?”

LISSA:  “You don’t get it.  Booooooosh!  Boooooosh evil!!!!”

And check out the back side:

I would like to rain scorn all over this mailing lacking humor, artistry or a point, but . . . it’s probably pretty effective.  For “typical MA voters” who aren’t already following the race, for anyone who didn’t see the debate, for anyone who hasn’t hit his website, all they will see is that

1) Scott Brown is a Republican (and that’s enough for most voters around here, demographically speaking)

2) Scott Brown is Bush.  The mailing said so.

You may have thought the Democrats would be tired of running against (and ranting against) a person who has been out of office for almost a year now.

You would be wrong.

(I’m not quite sure WHY this mailing kicked over my gigglebox so hard, but it most definitely did!)


10 Responses to ““This bush is brown. This Brown is BUSH.””

  1. Jay G. said

    Here’s my idea to counter this


  2. Brown is hardly Bush…that being said I’d begrudgingly vote for Bush of Martha Coakley because no matter what, Bush is a better choice than Coakley…and the Bush years weren’t all that bad from my memory.

    Thankfully I won’t have to vote for Bush, I’ll vote for Scott Brown!

  3. Mike said

    It seems like it’s poorly executed. The party can’t explicitly advocate for Coakley, so they’re forced to bash Brown and I think the best they’ve got is this Bush thing because they ignored the race for too long and have nothing really to work with in such a short timeframe. The color scheme also works badly, as the call to action (vote on January 19) didn’t seem obvious. I was even looking for it, so people who didn’t even know the election is next Tuesday–and that’s a lot of people because it’s a standalone special election–are less likely to notice.

  4. Mopar said

    Boston Weather
    Sunday Night, Jan 17
    Low: 29 °F RealFeel®: 10 °F
    Breezy; evening rain followed by snow, sleet, and freezing rain late, up to 1″

    Monday, Jan 18
    High: 37 °F RealFeel®: 22 °F
    Rain and snow possible in the morning; otherwise, mostly cloudy and windy
    Monday Night, Jan 18
    Low: 26 °F RealFeel®: 18 °F
    Partly cloudy

    Tuesday, Jan 19
    High: 33 °F RealFeel®: 26 °F
    Times of sun and clouds
    Tuesday Night, Jan 19
    Low: 26 °F RealFeel®: 14 °F

    Snow for Sunday night, and Tuesday night. Just a little time shifting and Scott is good to go!

  5. Mark said

    What? You didn’t get the lame photoshopped Brown face on a UPS guy body one too? We did.

  6. Borepatch said


    What gets me steamed is just how stupid they think people are.

  7. Dixie said

    “What gets me steamed is just how stupid they think people are.”

    Well, it’s not like the Democratic base has proven them wrong, right?

  8. FunnyGirl said

    “…and the Bush years weren’t all that bad from my memory.”

    Wake up Weer’d Beard! There’s lots of republicans looking for real change, too, and this ad was dead on. A vote for a republican today is a vote for 1,000 years of war (ala McCain, et al.). Don’t get fooled. Coakley will start snipping at Wall Street, the folks who have taken our homes, our jobs AND our security!!

  9. […] thrown in his two cents.  The governor is trying to find a way to disqualify Brown, the attack ads and mailers are getting truly hysteric (Brown is a Bush puppet!  BUSH BAD!  BUUUUUSH BAAAAAAD!).  Note to […]

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