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Stick a fork in her, “Great” Britain’s done.

Posted by Lissa on January 13, 2010

I saw this a few days ago but was too flabbergasted to mention it:

A wealthy businessman was arrested at home in front of his wife and young son over an email which council officials deemed ‘offensive’ to gipsies – but which he had not even written.

The email, concerning a planning appeal by a gipsy, included the phrase: ‘It’s the ‘do as you likey’ attitude that I am against.’

Council staff believed the email was offensive because ‘likey’ rhymes with the derogatory term ‘pikey’.

The 45-year-old IT boss was held in a police cell for four hours until it was established he had nothing to do with the email, which had been sent by one of his then workers, Paul Osmond.

But police had taken his DNA and later confirmed they would be holding it indefinitely.

Got that??  The word “likey” — and the newspaper actually has to explain why it MIGHT be offensive — sends the police over to nab the wrong guy.  And now they have his DNA forever’n’ever.

Sussex Police said they had arrested the businessman over ‘suspicion of committing a racial or religious-aggravated offence’.

After consultation with the Crown Prosecution Service, it was decided to take no further action against Mr Osmond.

Chief Inspector Heather Keating said: ‘Sussex Police have a legal duty to promote community cohesion and tackle unlawful discrimination.

‘We are satisfied we acted appropriately in identifying the owner of the computer used and through this, the identity of the writer of the offending line.’

Police said they would hold the innocent men’s DNA indefinitely, which they said was in line with national policy.

A council spokesman said: ‘As far as we were concerned it was an offensive comment, so we got in touch with the police.’

What the hell kind of cowardly, cowering, craven children are they raising over in England??

Since when it is the job of the POLICE to tackle unlawful discrimination?

Merry Olde Englande, indeed.  Where a man can get arrested for a silly word in an email he didn’t write but whose DNA will be held indefinitely anyway.

And as far as The Law is concerned, the system worked.

Helluva world, y’all.  Helluva time.

UPDATE: And there goes trial by jury.


4 Responses to “Stick a fork in her, “Great” Britain’s done.”

  1. Borepatch said

    The really disturbing thing about all this is that there will be a reaction to counter it, and since the ability to react in sensible ways is being suppressed, the reaction will be nonsensical.

    The British National Party (BNP) is quite frankly fascist in character, and is gaining strength because people see it as a way to stop this sort of nonsense.

    Lest you think I’m being overly pessimistic, Jean-Marie Le Pen almost won the national election in France, as the “protest vote” got out of control. Europe in general is being run by a group so enamored of its philosophy that it doesn’t see what’s happening.

    I’m glad that we lived over there 15 years ago, because I wouldn’t do it now.

  2. Check out a post of mine from July of last year, if you really want to get more depressed: http://menrnotspuds.blogspot.com/2009/07/statism-kills.html

  3. In no defense of this horrible action, but are you aware of this?

    WAYYYY too thin no matter what, but still maybe not quite as thin as it would be over on this side of the pond.

  4. Smasher said


    I’m with those who believe that the next horrible fascist regime and oppression will arise in either GB or France, and soon. Europe has a tendancy to let things get out of hand until things get settled in blood. This time I hope we stay out of any nasty Euro civil war.

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