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What my ad for Scott Brown would look like

Posted by Lissa on January 8, 2010

Fade in to young woman wearing snazzy well-cut pinstriped skirt suit over a shell of deep red.  She sits at a small cherrywood table, legs crossed, showing a glimpse of black stilettos.

“Hi, my name is Lissa Michaels, and I’m supporting Scott Brown for US Senate.  Now, there are a number of reasons why I’d like him as my next Senator, but here’s the really important one: He can stop the health care monstrosity that’s being jammed down our throats.”

Slow zoom in; focus on dark eyes, wide with earnestness.

“Look, you know, and I know, that most people don’t want this health care bill to pass.  Voting on bills at 1 and 2 AM, writing the bill in secret, bribing senators from Nebraska and Louisiana — that’s not the American way!  I want better health care, definitely — and I’m 100% convinced this is NOT the way to get it.  All the efficiency of FEMA with all the compassion of the IRS — does that sound good to you?”

Short montage of Scott Brown shaking hands with voters outside of Fenway during this next part.

“Scott Brown wants better health care, just like I do.  And just like me, he doesn’t think bigger government is the way to get there.  He supports strengthening the existing private market system with policies that will drive down costs and make it easier for people to purchase affordable insurance.  Unlike the politicians currently in Washington, he’s listening to voters!”

Flash back to young woman, now standing outside with campaign sign.

“Vote for someone who will help you keep your health care.  Vote for Scott Brown.”

Flash to Scott Brown (warm lighting)

“I’m Scott Brown, and I approved this message.”

. . . .

Extended version:

Flash to young woman, this time dressed in jeans, boots and a long-sleeved shirt.  (And eye and ear protection.)

“And besides . . . don’t you like making Martha Coakley cry?”

She lifts a Gold Cup 1911 and quickly drills five shots into the X-ring.

“I know I do!”

The End

(Inspired by Bruce’s posted video)


5 Responses to “What my ad for Scott Brown would look like”

  1. totwtytr said

    Terrific! Really, he should run an add like this. And I’m flattered that you linked to one of my posts.

  2. Quick! Call the Brown Brigade!

    You might be in the wrong line of work Lissa…

  3. Mike said

    While I appreciate the last part, I’m not sure that’d play all that well 🙂

  4. Tam said

    They should totally run with it!

  5. Mad Saint Jack said

    Q: What can Brown do for you?

    A: Kill the bill.

    Apologies to UPS.

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