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A pound of bacon, two pounds of sausage, three pounds of beef

Posted by Lissa on January 5, 2010

Man, Brigid doesn’t screw around while making chili, does she?

I meant to prep all the ingredients last night and let the chili cook during the day, but I wasn’t sure how the fizziness of the Coke would hold up overnight.  Or if it would matter.  Oh, and I’d thought that I had quite a large crockpot.  Silly me!  I had to eat a bowl of the mixture last night for dinner (I browned everything, so no raw ingredients) and leave out one of the cans of tomato sauce and also throw out perhaps a half cup of ground beef and onions.  (That wasn’t the fault of my crockpot, that was the fault of my paper towel holder and the automatic soap dispenser that, well, dispensed.  I don’t think any got into the beef, but there’s no quicker way to ruin food than to taint it with soap, so I scooped out that section and threw it down the drain.)

I tasted it this morning when I took the pot out to cool it down — DELICIOUS!  Sweet, savory, smoky and spicy — all it needs is a dollop of fat-free sour cream and it’s perfect.  (Yes, fat-free sour cream, to top chili made mostly of browned meat.  I drained all the meat before adding it!  And blotted all possible fat off the bacon!  Shut up!!)

In preparation for my guests tonight — Mom and Stepdad and LilBro 2, in anticipation of LilBro2’s flight tomorrow morning — I also made “Muddy Buddies,” a.k.a. “Puppy Chow,” a.k.a. “Wow this tastes much better than I thought it would and certainly WAY better than it looks!”

Happy nomming!

P.S.  This works amazingly well on ground meat.  Thanks Mike!

P.P.S. Word to the wise:  When chopping up the Baker’s Unsweetened Dark Chocolate to go in the chili, do not — DO NOT — taste it.  Fleh!!!


3 Responses to “A pound of bacon, two pounds of sausage, three pounds of beef”

  1. Brigid said

    I am so glad you liked it. I had to take some of the mixture as well and freeze it to cook up later as the crock pot was just a little bit too full.

    I think you are the first one to make this. It looked just like my crockpot and it was probably as empty aabout as quick.

  2. Laura said

    Oh. Oh wow. That looks like an amazing recipe. Chocolate, bacon. cola… holy crapola. Thanks for posting that link.

    I think I’ll leave out the dish soap, though. :-p

  3. […] printed it off and it lived in the stack of “stuff I haven’t made yet”. Then I saw Lissa had tried it and thought quite highly of it, so I figured to make up a batch (1/2 batch actually, since the […]

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