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I’m back! I’m back!!

Posted by Lissa on January 4, 2010

Good morning all!  How was your New Year??  Mine was lovely, thanks; Mike and I continued our New Year’s tradition of ordering enough Chinese food to satiate an army and watching the ball drop from the big-screen comfort of our living room.  We watched a little of the musical entertainment stuff afterward for the sheer ridiculous entertainment aspect — what in God’s name are these “artists” thinking???

We rang in the New Year on January 1st . . . by going shooting 🙂  I’ve learned that, if I’m going to mix caliber in the same trip, I need to start with the 9 mm and then move to the .22.  If I start with the smaller caliber I just can’t adjust to the more powerful caliber; I tense up and start jerking the shots off.  Works better to start big and move down.

If my New Year’s resolution had been to shoot more, I’d be doing REAL well so far, in that we went shooting on the 2nd with the fine folks of the New England Winter Dinner 2010.  We brought Sigmund and Siguette — poor Siguito the Mosquito complained bitterly about being left behind — and trashed some targets.  Which I proudly presented to Our Community Organizer Jay G when we arrived at Jillian’s.

By the way, we decided that Mike and I are the anti-Jay G; not only would our guns comfortably fit into one safe, but they all have names. Yeah.  Siguette performed nicely at the range, but Marko’s Steyr was undoubtedly the blond cheerleader of our group.  *sniffle*  It’s okay honey, Mommy loves you the best!

We sledded over to Jillian’s to enjoy sophisticated, erudite conversation, which ranged from Korean pop singers (I took Scotaku to task about his seeming bias for Japanese girls — hmph) to smoking laws to mosquito migrations (real mosquitos, not SigSauer ones) to fruity adult drinks to movies (Red Dawn’s on my Netflix list, y’all!) to Christmas presents to The Caliber Wars to Marko’s magnificent fountain pens to the Duke-Indiana game of 2002 to . . . well, lots of other stuff 🙂

Mike and I skipped out early due to fear of the snowy roads.  Plus, I *suck* at pool 😉

Thank you, Borepatch, for organizing the shooting!  Thank you, Jay G, for throwing together this lil’ shindig!  It was lovely to see you all!!

(And a special shoutout to my friends TOTWTYTR, Mrs. Borepatch, doubletrouble and Mrs. doubletrouble.  It’s always a treat to hug on you!!)


2 Responses to “I’m back! I’m back!!”

  1. In Which I Make My Defense

    My true bias is for my wife and kids. After that… mea culpa. I’m sorry. Truth be known, though, I’m a guy, which by definition means my biases run according to their own devices. I’m a *victim*.

    Great to see you & Mike – and JayG has a BBQ suggestion, something about his having a big backyard and Weber-driven BTUs…

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