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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Posted by Lissa on December 21, 2009

Or: Two entertainment reviews and a whine!

The Good: Straight No Chaser

Well, I’m sure many of my readers think that straight drinks with no chaser are inherently good, but actually I was speaking of the a capella group from Indiana University.  They came to the Berklee Theater on Saturday night and rocked the house.  The singing was great, the music and choreography was original — they hit everything from Jingle Bells to Amy Winehouse’s Rehab — and the showmanship was superb.  What a great way to get into the holiday spirit!

If y’all want some fun Christmas music to play while the kids rip open their presents, I highly recommend their Christmas albums!

The Bad: Inglourious Basterds

This movie was, I swear, Quentin Tarantino’s attempt at making Dr. Strangelove.  The flick was just weird. It was viciously graphic in places — I can’t tell you exactly how, because I covered my eyes for some of it — and weirdly spaghetti-western in others (this could be due to the fact that he borrowed a bunch of music from his Kill Bill films).  The plot was confusing and convoluted.

Spoiler alert!  Highlight the next paragraph to read my complaint:

So . . . they kill Hitler by shooting him, then lighting the theater on fire, then blowing it up with explosives.  A little overkill, anyone?  And if Col. Landers was kind-of an undercover good guy, why the completely unnecessary snuff scene with Diane Krueger?  And she’d left behind a shoe AND an autograph at the bar murder scene?  SRSLY?  And Shoshanna Dreyfus dying in her red dress was straight-up ridiculous, y’all.

So the answer, Shoothouse Barbie, is — no, you’re not the only one who saw it and didn’t like it, though I wouldn’t say I hated it with fiery passion.  I’d say my reaction was more confused distaste and distilled WTF, over.

And The Ugly?  That would be my hair this morning, until I showered.  It was ugly because I couldn’t shower yesterday morning due to the icy freezing cold water coming out of my HOT faucet.  For the second morning in a row. (It thawed out enough Saturday night for me to take a warmish shower; I wasn’t, like, smelly or anything.)  Happily, everything seemed to be in order today.  It saved me the trouble of throwing a hissy fit to the maintenance guys.

Happy Monday, everyone!

5 Responses to “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”

  1. Jon said

    I didn’t like it either, so it’s not just you. To be honest, aside from Reservoir Dogs and Four Rooms I’m not a fan of him as a director.

    Oh, and it’s a chilly 61 degrees here today *g*.

  2. Mike said

    I also agree with you on the movie and the concert! But you probably knew that since I was there with you for both.

    • Mike said

      Oh, and Netflix claimed that people like me gave Inglorious Basterds 5 stars and really loved it, so I had high hopes and it was just weird and not very good.

  3. Ok I need to see this film now. It has gotten TOTAL mixed reviews, I’m curious where I’ll stand.

    Also in GOOD Western Movie news, have you guys seen the Dollars Trilogy (As in “A Fistfull of Dollars” “For a Few Dollars More” and “The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly”)?

    Now that’s a good bunch of films to watch. They sell the boxed set (not the uber-cool remastered, but who cares?) for $17 at Target!

    • Just watched it. Not a great movie at all. Kinda wish Tarantino had made it more of a snuff/exploitation film, rather than fill it with dramatic scenes for dialoge charactroizing charactors who were pleasently two-dimentional.

      That being said, the plot holes you found weren’t holes at all.

      The theater owner and the Basterds were not in cahoots, I can only explaine the shooting was a spur plan made when they found Hitler’s booth AND found it to be lightly guarded. The fire happened at the same time, and the Basterds should have been as suprised as the Nazis.

      Landers was NOT a good guy. He was a nasty SS Jew-hating/killing jerk, but I can assume that as smart as he is, and knowing that the Normandy Invasion had just happened he relized he was on the loosing side of the war, so he cut a compleatly fictitious deal to feather his nest.

      The whole Krueger meeting was just a 100% fuck-up, and the Basterds are not infiltration experts, but blunt objects, so they didn’t properly clean the crime scene.

      In the end I’m arguing plot holes for a movie without a plot, and generally poorly blocked. Still I was amused by it, and likely won’t watch it again.


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